Sophisticated portfolio analytics for commercial banking

GCI Analytics helps transform portfolio strategies and uncover revenue opportunities across the entire customer lifecycle.

Commercial banks looking to grow in an increasingly competitive market are faced with a number of challenging questions, such as how to improve customer relationships, how to increase cross-sell, which customers are likely to churn, and how to price products and services effectively.

Uncovering these insights, however, requires a data-driven approach to understanding the relationships customers have with the bank as well as a comprehensive view of winning strategies from around the industry.

GCI Analytics provides the granular benchmarking capabilities, market insights, and analytical expertise banks need to transform their portfolio strategies and maximize revenues across the entire customer lifecycle.

By uncovering and focusing on the right portfolio-optimization initiatives, commercial bank executives ensure that every decision they make positively affects their business.

Our offerings

Our offerings


Our benchmarks, which cover core treasury management, commercial card, and commercial lending lines of business, are unparalleled in terms of data quality and granularity. After integrating account analysis, card transaction, and/or lending data, GCI Analytics delivers a series of user-friendly dashboards that compare a bank’s performance against industry peers.

Users can easily navigate the benchmark dashboards to drill down into key performance indicators and identify granular opportunities quickly by product service code, client size/industry, and geography.

Banks can use the new insights to identify over- and underperforming segments, assess frontline sales, uncover product-penetration opportunities, identify attrition risks, and optimize product pricing across the portfolio.

Consulting services

Our expert consulting services provide the insights banks need to advance with confidence. From dealing with back-office operations to frontline sales, no other advisor can match our expertise, proprietary data, and advanced analytics capabilities.

We bring industry-leading market research, benchmarking, and profit pools to assist clients with needs ranging from product development and business-unit strategy to process optimization and market research. Our clients’ devotion is proof that our approach provides practical insights and sustainable value.

Profit Pools

Our profit pools size the global payment and deposit industries (both retail and commercial) with expert precision. Each model provides a comprehensive set of variables—including historical trends and five-year forecasts—and is customizable to forecast a range of market scenarios and client needs.

Banks use GCI Analytics’ profit pools to execute financial planning and forecasting, evaluate strategic investments in new business lines and products, and educate stakeholders on industry trends. We offer three distinct models:

  1. The Global Payments Map estimates domestic and cross-border payment transactions and revenues for major product lines across more than 40 individual countries.
  2. The North American Payments Map offers enhanced granularity, including cost visibility for the US and Canadian payment industries.
  3. The US Deposits Model forecasts account balances and profitability drivers for all major US deposit products.


Driven by member needs, our Cash Management Forum addresses issues as they develop rather than after opportunities are lost.

The Forum, which meets three times a year, attracts leading influencers in the field, including heads of cash management and senior managers in product management, sales, and operations at more than 50 of North America’s largest financial institutions.

The Cash Management Forum provides members with the following opportunities:

  • explore the industry’s critical issues through fully interactive meetings and presentations
  • leverage the latest thinking through exclusive research reports on industry-leading issues
  • access online resources and detailed summaries of each meeting that include all presentations, questions, and discussion points

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Why GCI Analytics

Deep industry expertise

For more than 25 years, financial institutions and payment companies have trusted GCI Analytics to deliver practical, data-driven insights that transform performance. Our deeply experienced team—consisting of data analysts and industry experts specializing in commercial banking and enterprise payments—helps our clients execute opportunities across disciplines, ranging from frontline sales, product development, and customer experience to back-office operations and portfolio performance.

Unrivaled data quality

Our industry experts and data teams work hand-in-hand with clients to gather and map their data diligently. This rigorous approach ensures that our benchmarks and research are built on the highest quality inputs and that our clients can trust our analyses to be as accurate and reliable as possible.

Rapid insights

GCI Analytics can take clients from data discovery and integration to dashboard analysis in less than one month, which ensures that they are uncovering insights as soon as possible. We update our databases on quarterly and monthly bases so banks can continually benchmark their metrics against peers and find new insights to grow their business.

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