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Simplifying small commercial insurance through design thinking and advanced analytics

DSCI (Digital Small Commercial Insurance) automates and streamlines the way carriers insure small commercial by improving underwriting and sales processes.
Small commercial insurance is a fast-growing, attractive segment with huge potential for carriers. To capture the market, carriers must make quoting and underwriting more efficient.
DSCI streamlines the way carriers insure small commercial business. Our leading-edge machine-learning analytics help carriers improve underwriting and pricing decisions, and our online sales platform creates a seamless experience for agents.

How we help clients

Better, faster underwriting decisions

Our analytics engine improves underwriting by uncovering the most predictive drivers of risk. We use third-party data and machine learning to pinpoint the factors directly correlated with risk, helping carriers quickly process low-risk submissions and flag high-risk ones to underwriters for review.

Streamlined sales journey

Our user-friendly sales platform enables carriers and agents to ask more predictive questions, collect application information rapidly, and provide policy quotes in real time. This gives carriers a comprehensive view of the sales journey, helping them make better pricing decisions.


Value-driven approach

DSCI goes beyond data collection. Our analytics help carriers make sense of massive amounts of third-party data to spot patterns that will create the most value for their business.

Deep expertise

We combine sophisticated analytics with the deep technical and functional expertise of our more than 2,000 big data, advanced-analytics, and insurance practitioners.

Ease of use

Our consumer-grade sales platform is intuitive and user friendly, making the sales and buying experience fast and easy for agents and customers.

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