Benchmark your company’s digital capabilities against peers, digital leaders, best practices, and its desired future state

The Digital Capabilities (DC) diagnostic enables companies to benchmark their performance across the 22 most meaningful digital capabilities along 6 distinct dimensions. DC can be completed in 3 to 4 weeks to provide business leaders with a clear view on how to move ahead in a digital transformation.

Shape your digital transformation by using DC along with the Digital Quotient®, which provides an overview of a business's capabilities as well as culture, strategy, and organization.

Digital Capabilities by the numbers


distinct digital capabilities measured by the diagnostic


questions and expert-developed responses


dimensions of digital assessment with deep dives available


Extensive diagnosis

Our analyses provide executives a granular assessment of 22 distinct capabilities, across six dimensions. We issue 300 question surveys to subject matter experts, and generate comprehensive reports at the function, market, and seniority level.

Capability improvement roadmaps

Our experts analyse the results of the Digital Capabilities assessment and lead walk-throughs and interviews with management based on responses. We identify the gaps that are preventing the company from digital competency, provide a list of prioritized initiatives to improve their capabilities, and help track their progress toward those goals over time.

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