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Executive Cyber Simulation

Build cybersecurity resilience through tailored executive cyber incident simulations

The Executive Cyber Simulation helps executive teams build cyber incident muscle memory by simulating different cyberattack scenarios and analyzing how they respond. We use the results of the simulation to identify improvement opportunities and recommend strategic initiatives to mitigate the impact of potential future attacks. By testing readiness in a no-risk environment, we increase an organization’s resilience before a breach takes place.


Deep cybersecurity experience

Leverage McKinsey’s extensive expertise connecting the IT and security issues in cybersecurity risk with value creation. Our global network—55-plus practitioners in more than ten countries—has helped hundreds of companies to protect themselves against breaches and improve their cybersecurity.

Customized scenarios

Prepare for cyberattacks with realistic simulations and actionable learning. We create attack scenarios that are customized to your company’s environment and help teams raise the mettle of their joint responses.

Capability building

Translate insights into specific, actionable, and measurable improvement initiatives focused on informing cybersecurity strategy and improving cybersecurity-incident responses.

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