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Digital Resilience Assessment

Benchmark your company’s cybersecurity maturity and create a strategic plan for improvement

The Digital Resilience Assessment gives executives and board members clear, fact-based insights about their company’s security capabilities. We provide a 360-degree benchmarking diagnostic that identifies the areas where the company’s cybersecurity has fallen behind, determines what resources are necessary to improve, and closely tracks the progress of security initiatives.



in the benchmark database



to benchmark against


cybersecurity levers

with a total of 29 quantifiable dimensions


A holistic perspective of cybersecurity

Gain a comprehensive analysis of your company’s business processes, incident-response capabilities, asset-inventory management, and more.

Custom benchmarks

Tap into our database of hundreds of companies to benchmark your company’s security capabilities and see how they compare with those of peers across 29 distinct cybersecurity dimensions. Reports can be tailored to a company’s specific size, industry, geography, and security spending.

Actionable initiatives

Quantify your company’s cybersecurity capabilities and compare them with those of peers and with best practices, so you can prioritize the most urgent cybersecurity issues and develop an action plan to address them.

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