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Cyber Crisis Preparedness and Response

Make sure your organization is ready to respond to any cybersecurity incident

An organization’s response to a cyber crisis can either prove their capabilities or expose their weaknesses, eroding both stakeholder trust and enterprise value.

Today, executives and functional teams need to contain cyber crises through swift and decisive action, investigate root causes of the attack, and stabilize the organization through stakeholder communication.

Cyber Crisis Preparedness and Response has helped dozens of large organizations respond to cyber crises by building their executive and functional team capabilities in anticipation of an attack, and providing advisory support after a major cyber incident impacts the business.


Reduce potential realized losses

By performing scenario analysis and practicing a cyber crisis response, companies can reduce investigation and cleanup costs, regulatory and legal liability, and operational losses.

Improve stakeholder and customer sentiment

By deliberately planning an outreach strategy in response to a cyber crisis, companies can reduce the likelihood of customer churn, resolve stakeholder doubt, and even avoid legal action from stakeholders affected by the crisis.

Highlight your cybersecurity capabilities

By creating a plan to prepare for a cyber crisis, company leaders today can demonstrate due care in protecting sensitive and proprietary data from disclosure or loss.

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