Our People

Senior Partner, London

David Chinn

Brings expertise in supply chain and operational transformations to defense organizations and armed forces worldwide.

Partner, New York

James Kaplan

Has deep expertise on how enterprises can benefit from maximizing the use of their infrastructure. In addition, a core member of the team tackling IT security issues.

Vice President, Silicon Valley

Dayne Myers

Focused on finding innovative ways to improve cybersecurity and digital resilience, Dayne specializes in strategy, transformation, and cyber crisis response.

Director of Client Development, Boston

Marc Sorel

A lieutenant in the US Navy Reserves, Marc primarily serves clients at the intersection of digital transformation, cybersecurity, growth strategy, and investment.

Director of Client Development, Southern California

Deep Bhattacharya

With over 20 years' experience, Deep is the leader of Cyber Solutions in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical device sector, as well as a co-leader in advanced industries and financial services sectors. Deep is also leading partnerships and acquisitions globally in the cybersecurity market.

Director of Solution Delivery, Washington DC

Jim Boehm

A former military officer and National Security Project Manager, Jim has extensive experience in computer network operations and agile development of cyber analysis software.

Client Development Manager, Houston

Joy Smith

Joy has over 12 years of experience advising clients on information technology and cyber risk, focusing on strategy planning, digital transformations, and transition management.

Client Development Manager, New York

Derek Maki

With over 12 years of experience in cyber security, Derek advises clients on cybersecurity strategy & transformation, crisis response, and technology enablement.

Andreas Schwarz
Client Development Advisor, New York

Andreas Schwarz

With 15+ years of cyber security, infrastructure/cloud, and operations expertise, Andreas helps his clients in the financial and public sectors manage change and reduce risk to operations.

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