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City Voices creates a citizen-centric approach to city management

Mayors and city administrative staff can gauge the perception of a city’s public services and identify which municipal improvements will have the greatest impact on the citizen experience.

Today’s citizens are increasingly vocal about their perception of municipal services, providing an unprecedented opportunity for city management to understand public satisfaction levels and respond with the appropriate improvements.

However, it’s difficult for cities to coordinate initiatives across functions and prioritize the improvements that address the most pressing citizen needs.

City Voices solves this problem by analyzing the city experience by macro-journey (e.g., commuting, raising children, feeling safe), which helps align policies and projects with what makes citizens’ lives better instead of the agenda of local government.

Our team surveys citizens to understand how they perceive the quality of individual touchpoints within macro-journeys, and provides management a drillable dashboard they can use to investigate what’s causing citizen unrest and pinpoint the improvement initiatives that will result in the largest uptick in citizen experience.


Deep expertise

City Voices works with city administration staff to help manage initiatives and ensure a full transformation. Our team of experts uses its knowledge of the municipal operations in other sectors and regions to provide in-person support to define a prioritized improvement plan.

McKinsey support

City Voices’ methodology and practices are backed by McKinsey’s deep experience in city transformations. We leverage insights from nearly 600 municipal engagements focusing on mobility, infrastructure, tax collection optimization, basic health, sewerage, housing, trash collection, water, and more.

Granular surveys

City Voices identify the individual touchpoints (e.g., childcare, school system, playgrounds) that contribute to the perception of each macro-journey (e.g., raising children), and surveys citizens to determine the areas city administration needs to focus on improving.

City Voices by the numbers


cities to compare against


specialists fine-tuning analysis


metrics analyzed

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