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Our tech stories

Inspiring, career experiences from our McKinsey people

At McKinsey, we have the best work and best team to help you grow and perform at your best—but don’t just take our word for it. Check out these inspiring tech stories from our people around the world.

The possibilities within McKinsey are endless; it’s truly a firm where anyone who is passionate can find opportunity.

Roni Product Management Alumna, Tel Aviv

Roni has worked as an organizational psychology, predictive analytics, and psychometrics specialist. Drawn to McKinsey's people and culture, she appreciates working on fascinating topics, deepening her product expertise, and having the flexibility to balance her life as a mom.

With McKinsey’s acquisition of VisualDoD … we have the opportunity to push our collective capacity to deliver more insight about defense issues, faster.

Mike Product Management Senior Expert, Washington DC

Mike founded VisualDoD, a leading defense industry data and analytics solution. Now as part of McKinsey, he can harness the firm's power to deliver even faster and more tailored insights to Aerospace & Defense clients.

Blog stories

Best team: Building Wave 2

McKinsey software engineer, opera singer, and surfer Rory shares how his inspiring, global team of software engineers is helping usher in the next wave of our Wave by McKinsey tech solution.

At your best: Shaping a solution through data engineering

Atlanta-based data engineer Sonia captures the meaningful autonomy and sponsorship she's had at McKinsey to develop both her data-engineering and client-engagement skills.

Best work: The magic of McKinsey design

Product designer Scott moved across the country with his wife and son, seeking a more challenging and impactful role. Learn how he found both in his first year here at McKinsey.

Best work: How McKinsey's tech work took my breath away

London-based product manager Yerrie was admittedly skeptical about McKinsey's mark in tech. However, the powerful tech work she uncovered here has given her new opportunities to experiment and grow.

Best team: Unmatched people, unmatched impact

From collaborating with inspiring colleagues to analyzing of gigabytes of rich data sets, former investment banker Ajai shares his rewarding experience as a McKinsey data scientist.

At your best: My cross-continental McKinsey journey

After 5 years as a generalist consultant, engineer, Manasi was seeking a new challenge with more flexibility and autonomy. Her search led her to a pleasant surprise: McKinsey product management.

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