Real-time, optimized pairing of contact center agents with customers

Afiniti enables the real-time, optimized pairing of contact-center agents with individual customers in large enterprises for better experiences and economic outcomes.

Afiniti (formerly SATMAP) transforms the way humans interact by applying artificial intelligence to discover, predict, and affect patterns of interpersonal behavior.

The principal application of Afiniti’s technology is to optimize the pairing of individual contact-center agents with customers for large enterprises. Using data obtained from Afiniti’s clients and third parties together with historical call-outcome records, Afiniti’s proprietary software identifies successful patterns of communication to more effectively pair individuals with agents. Afiniti is unique in providing such an application predicated on pairing individuals.

McKinsey Solutions has formed a strategic alliance with Afiniti to capture customer-care improvement opportunities through proprietary call-center routing-analytics technology and advisory services.

Afiniti benefits

McKinsey has worked on long-term performance transformations with more than 400 operators across industries:

• achieving revenue upside of more than 20 percent and near-term cost productivity of 15–20 percent

• identifying up to 50 percent cost reduction

Typical impact of 3–6 percent improvement in key metrics:

• increased revenues (sales conversion, upsell, cross-sell, retention)

• reduced costs (average handle time, truck rolls, product returns, collections)

• improved customer satisfaction (net promoter score, first-call resolution rate, call transfers)

Our approach

Initial diagnostic

Validate the opportunity and identify the largest levers through targeted analyses and site visits

Optimize customer-caller pairing

1. Deploy Afiniti to match customers with the right agents

2. Fine-tune Afiniti matching models/algorithms and build dashboards

3. Design roadmap for rollout of Afiniti to other call-center areas

Establish what a great customer–agent interaction looks like

1. Implement best-in-class call scripting, call flow, and customer-offer matrix

2. Initiate agent coaching and train-the-trainer programs

3. Develop comprehensive playbooks

Design the operating model to sustain performance

1. Implement effective performance-management and compensation program

2. Determine workforce management and agent configuration/hiring

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