...they struck me as people who I would love to work with.”


I joined McKinsey because I knew I wanted to work with incredibly smart people who would challenge my thinking. That definitely turned out to be true, but what I didn't expect was how caring they would also be. Since the interview process and since I started my journey in the firm, I have been constantly supported by colleagues who take an active interest in my development path – be it partners who make the time to advise you, or peers who are always willing to listen. I truly value the community that I have found here.

Feedback and mentorship

Coming as a fresh graduate, one of my main goals is to learn and build a strong foundation. McKinsey’s feedback culture has greatly benefited me in this area. The candid yet constructive feedback from my colleagues has helped me identify my strengths and areas to focus on going forward. It is also helpful that ultimately you are constantly measured against yourself and your own projected development path, creating a safe and specific environment for you to grow.

Breadth and depth of experience

Since joining the firm I’ve completed a variety of projects in diverse sectors from electricity to tourism, across Southeast Asia. Working with clients and experts who have years of experience in the sector is an intense learning experience that develops both your knowledge and your people skills concurrently. The breadth of industries and functions also pushes you to be as flexible a problem solver as possible, which is what our clients value.

Finding the right fit

When I was in university, I knew I wanted to join the consulting industry but didn’t think McKinsey would be a good fit for me. I decided to join the firm because I met incredible people during the interview process who inspired me with the work they were doing and they struck me as people who I would love to work with. I would encourage anyone looking to join the firm to speak to as many people as you can and to focus on finding the right fit for you.


University of Oxford
BA, philosophy, politics and economics