Careers in Singapore

Life as a Consultant

Careers in Singapore

Life as a Consultant

We offer you a range of projects across industries—to address real challenges with our clients and learn new skills.

The way we work

Our clients grapple with tough questions: how to improve operations to become globally competitive; how to plan for and manage expansion into growth markets in the region; and how to put in place organisational structures and processes that drive innovation and long-term performance.

In every engagement, our teams share a structured problem-solving approach where all opinions and options are considered, researched and analysed to come up with recommendations. McKinsey engagements typically last 1 to 6 months, so each new project is another opportunity to learn and grow.

See the world

McKinsey has more than 100 offices worldwide. Through client work, training programmes abroad, and office exchanges and transfers, our consultants have plenty of opportunities to see the world. Last year, consultants from our Singapore office worked in 7 countries in Southeast Asia, and more than 26 globally.

How projects are assigned

Which engagements you work on depends on your interests, development needs, and project availability. On each engagement, the first thing we do is bring together people with the best skills and experience to help solve the client’s problem. Our global intranet shows new engagements and staffing coordinators help consultants find projects that best fit their skills, needs and interests.

Make your mark

We are committed to helping you make your mark wherever you work, with both clients and colleagues. We provide tools distilled from previous work and access to an extensive team of experts in all key sectors and functions.

The variety of projects and clients mean that our consultants often take varied paths through their careers at McKinsey—and beyond. Based on their experience, our consultants usually focus on a specific function or industry that interests them.

Diversity and inclusion

McKinsey is an inclusive organisation and we take a broad view of diversity. Our consultants have an incredibly wide range of knowledge, backgrounds, skills, and life experience. Our women’s network provides coaching and events to support professional development and connectivity.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion at McKinsey.

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