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Research Manager, Singapore

With so many offices around the world, we still operate as ‘one firm’—no matter where you are, everyone supports each other. And the ideas we share are consistent and applicable, and of the same high standards.

Part of a world-leading Knowledge Network

McKinsey’s Knowledge Network—with more than 1,500 specialists covering every region and sector—is an incredibly exciting organisation to be part of. As knowledge professionals, we work alongside consultants to develop a solid fact base for our clients. We also build leading-edge knowledge capabilities for the firm.

A McKinsey journey

The Knowledge Network career track can be rapid and very rewarding—as my own journey shows. In my formative years with McKinsey, I built up my research and business knowledge, gained an understanding of research techniques and sources and honed my problem-solving, analytical and quantitative skills. As I progressed, I developed key knowledge on the sectors and functions of Southeast Asian markets, including economic trends, competitive landscape and the forces at work—particularly in Singapore where I was born and raised.

I now lead a team of research analysts across six of our offices in the region and manage critical functional areas of the research team, including financial management, recruiting, training and evaluation, along with shaping strategic research priorities for the office.

Aside from my work in research, I contribute time to organising sports in the Singapore office, such as running and soccer, which I am passionate about.

My pillar―our people

As I reflect back upon my McKinsey journey, I realise how enriching and fulfilling it has been—filled with growth opportunities and the chance to make an impact, to benefit the firm and clients. Central to this experience are the exceptional colleagues—from a multitude of backgrounds across the globe—whom we get to work with. Whether I need help on an obscure research topic, a thought partner to help solve complex problems, or to gather input on the best operational research practices, I can rest assured I have the best minds around the world to depend on.


Curtin University
BCom, accounting and finance