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Executive Assistant, Singapore

McKinsey colleagues, both local and across the globe, are warm and friendly, like family, and are always ready to step in to help each other.

A dynamic global company

For more than 20 years, I worked in various multinationals but never in a management consultancy. While living in Shanghai, a recruiter asked if I would be interested in joining McKinsey, which she thought would be a good fit for me. I didn’t think twice at the time, because I was looking for a totally new experience and understood McKinsey to be a dynamic and global company with lots to offer.

Working at McKinsey provides me with new experiences and opportunities to learn new skills. While supporting partners and teams, I’ve had extensive and challenging exposure to clients. As I’ve learned, when interacting with clients, professionalism and patience are keys to success. It feels great when you start building these relationships and the path slowly gets smoother.

A warm-hearted family

Since joining, I have enjoyed working with the people around me. In my role, I interact a lot with colleagues, both local and overseas, in planning and scheduling, and find them extremely collaborative and understanding—particularly in situations when deadlines (and schedules) are constrained.

I was very touched when the firm supported my transfer when I returned from Shanghai to Singapore two years ago. McKinsey is a people's organisation where you can grow and develop yourself.

Constantly building new skills

McKinsey invests a lot in training. I periodically attend interactive workshops, as well as IT-based (webex) learning—which is very useful for picking up practical tools to help me work more efficiently. McKinsey’s Southeast Asian offices recently held an offsite Capability and Connectivity event, which brought together colleagues from our six offices over the course of a few days. This was a great way to strengthen our working and personal relationships alongside valuable skill-building workshops.


Stamford Group of Colleges
Diploma in Executive Secretaryship