Our value-based culture is globally consistent and I enjoy working with colleagues with diverse backgrounds and outlooks.

From the army to McKinsey

Having been in the Singapore military for 14 years, where a significant amount of time was spent with the Armed Forces, I was looking to broaden my perspectives, specifically seeking exposure in China due to China’s increasing importance to Singapore. McKinsey gave me the opportunity to broaden my experiences and deepen my knowledge on China in the consumer, healthcare and technology spaces.

Values-based culture

During my years in the military, I became accustomed to a very clear set of values – loyalty to country, leadership and ethics among others. I was impressed that McKinsey too has a strong value-based culture that is globally consistent. These values – professionalism, a client-first focus and mentorship – resonate with my colleagues globally, despite the geographical differences. This, coupled with the diverse background of colleagues and their equally global outlook, makes McKinsey an exciting place to be.

Pursuing my passion

Having spent three years in China, I moved back to Singapore in 2015 with the McKinsey Center for Government to pursue my passion of working in the public sector and Singapore, particularly in the innovation space. That mobility and opportunity to pivot from a consumer- facing to a public-sector role is difficult to replicate anywhere else.


London Business School
MBA (with distinction)

University of Malaya
Masters in Defense and Strategic Studies (with high distinction)

University of Cambridge
MA, pure mathematics

University of California, Berkeley
BA, applied mathematics