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Practice Manager and Expert, Singapore

‘Making my own McKinsey’ means combining my experience, personal strengths, curiosity, and passion to develop organisations and leaders.

A world of opportunities

I became interested in McKinsey after almost a decade of prior consulting experience, based in Europe but active globally. I was surprised and impressed by what I found—a firm that is truly unique, and combines:

  • a diverse community of people who are passionate about being the best in their fields and make a real difference to clients and in the world more broadly
  • a set of professional values grown from a long history that shaped management consulting as a profession, which makes it a special environment to work in
  • a world of possibilities, given the sheer breadth and depth of the work that gets done here, which provides the opportunities to make a difference and keep growing professionally and personally

Being of service to society

I always wanted to give back—and at McKinsey, I do, in Singapore and the region. For example, I am helping the Singapore International Foundation develop young social entrepreneurs, and I am deeply involved in developing young entrepreneurs in the Greater Mekong region through the Mekong Business Challenge. I also work to develop the capabilities of our next generation of leaders as part of our Young Leaders for Indonesia program and our Youth Leadership Academy in Malaysia; I apply my experience from working with senior clients to mentoring, coaching and giving lectures, especially on leadership and entrepreneurship.

Find your passion and work the best people

Wondering whether McKinsey is right for you? Find out what you are passionate about and how you want to make a difference in the world—then apply and see if you like the place and the people and see how both can help you make that difference.