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Engagement manager, Stockholm
“McKinsey is a ‘smorgasbord’ of exciting opportunities to go and work in any industry, functional area, or country. My office has fully supported me in ‘creating my own McKinsey.’”

A base in Stockholm, exploring the world

I’m a Swedish engineer who recently joined McKinsey.

I’ve spent the past years working on various topics ranging from big data in Silicon Valley to social entrepreneurship in South Africa to fashion in Hollywood. Now I'm based in Stockholm where I want to further build capabilities in high tech and healthcare while continuing to explore the world.

When I joined, I said that after building my “consulting tool kit” in the Nordics I wanted to work internationally. My office has fully supported me in “making my own McKinsey.” A few months after joining, I spent a month in London working on a healthcare project and the next in high tech in the United States.

A smorgasbord of exciting opportunities

I came in contact with McKinsey during my early university years. It seemed like a smorgasbord of exciting opportunities to go and work in any industry, functional area, and country. Given my eagerness to learn how industries and companies work, McKinsey seemed like the perfect place to be. After just a few months here, I can say that McKinsey is all I expected but also much more. I have interesting discussions almost daily with top managers in large companies or with internal experts in the firm. The learning curve is steep as there is always a new, interesting problem to solve. My colleagues are truly amazing and most importantly—we have a lot of fun together!

Business technology at McKinsey

I started directly in McKinsey’s Business Technology Practice, where we are expected to do a larger share of technology-oriented projects than generalists. The projects can be everything from corporate strategy for high tech and telecom clients to helping with project management of government-initiated online-learning platforms.

I’m currently helping a client in the high-tech industry outline a long-term growth strategy. It is a challenging topic and hard work, but I genuinely enjoy the problem-solving sessions with the client and each step we take together toward outlining a high impact, feasible roadmap.


Chalmers University of Technology
MSc, innovation management

Chalmers University of Technology
BSc, industrial engineering

Stanford University and NTU Singapore
Exchange studies