About Petra – with a passion for running and banking

“Consulting has elements of a marathon and a sprint: a long-term perspective combined with bursts of speed and creativity.”

Go the distance

Running is one of my passions. I ran my first marathon in 2015 after completing a few half marathons. I love running long distances as well as shorter sprints in interval training. This is similar to my working life at McKinsey. I am committed to delivering long-term impact for my clients and keeping focused on my own long-term development, but I also enjoy short bursts of intensity that keep me energized.

Get ready to sprint

The most inspiring moment of my internship came during a project for a consumer company. A McKinsey senior partner joined our problem-solving session, and within minutes he was able to pinpoint the most important issues and guide us on the further analysis needed. His experience, built up over the “marathon” of his career, was combined with a short “sprint” of intense speed, clear analysis, and creativity. That’s what makes McKinsey so special. It brings together some of the smartest people in the world and energizes them to create insights that lead to impact.

Discover your passion

I would never have guessed that I’d end up working in banking, but I quickly changed my view after being presented with an opportunity to join a project for a major bank. I was amazed to discover that the industry has so many dimensions. Nowadays I do a lot of my work in banking, and I’m particularly excited by the huge digital shift under way. Banks are like big tankers that have been moving at the same speed for years, and now they need to change direction quickly. That’s a fascinating challenge.

For anyone thinking of applying for an internship, I would say, give it a go and life will surprise you. If I hadn’t tried McKinsey, I never would have tried banking or discovered how challenging and interesting it is. The wonderful thing about McKinsey is the diversity of sectors and opportunities available to you. Come and try, and discover what you love.