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Olivia – with a passion for cycling and growth strategy

Intern 2014, Stockholm

About Olivia – with a passion for cycling and growth strategy

“In consulting, there are no set solutions.

At McKinsey you are part of creating the solution.”

The courage to grow

My colleagues are so interesting and inspiring that I don’t just want to work with them. I want to include them in my life. McKinsey is such a friendly, nurturing environment, and I am always encouraged to do my best.

The support and coaching during my internship gave me the confidence to continue at McKinsey and to focus on growth strategy. This is a field that really excites me, because it’s a positive environment for imagining and developing new solutions. It’s also important for companies in every industry. All our clients want to grow their businesses — they just want to know how.

Helping shape the future

Early in my McKinsey career I worked on a growth strategy for a large retailer. I was part of organizing and preparing a brainstorming workshop for about 100 managers. It was a big responsibility, and my colleagues trusted and encouraged me. The workshop was an amazing experience, full of energy, interaction, and problem solving, where we helped our clients envision and shape their future. It made me realize that in consulting, there are no set solutions. At McKinsey, you are part of creating the solution.

Working on growth is especially exciting now, as companies in all industries are going digital. For example, I recently worked with an international client on a strategy to increase sales both through e-commerce and physical stores. I’m an industrial engineer with a business degree, and it was exciting to work alongside digital experts, being creative with my own knowledge and skill set, and learning from others in the process.

Support to be your best

For anyone thinking of applying for an internship, my advice is to attend as many events as you can to meet McKinsey people for yourself. Don’t assume a stereotype of what you think a consultant should be. McKinsey looks for and values all sorts of people. Also, everyone here wants you to succeed. You can feel that, even in the interview, and you will be coached and supported to be your best.