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Junior Specialist, Material EconomicsStockholm

Having the opportunity to work with my passion is just amazing.

My interest in the environment started when I was a kid watching nature shows on Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel. Eventually, that led me to the conclusion that I needed to somehow work with nature. For me, everything else seemed unsignificant, and now when sustainability is the biggest challenge we are facing, even more so.

Environmental and climate issues can feel overwhelming, I know. But there is hope—there is so much we can do. I had a professor at university who was a great role model for me. He showed me how you can calculate and get an overview of solving sustainability issues.

That's how I ended up here, at Material Economics by McKinsey, trying to solve the sustainability problems the world is facing. I am passionate about making organizations broaden the view on sustainability, to make companies see and commit to more long-term solutions.

Because organizations need to change, and I can make sure there is an economic case for this change. You would be surprised that with a relatively low effort, organizations can find solutions to sustainability problems and it doesn't even have to cost that much.

My passion is to make a difference, and I get a rush going to work because I know that I create positive change.