Why McKinsey

As an industrial-engineering graduate, my passion for change management led me to pursue a project-management career in a global water business.

My responsibilities ranged from strategy implementation to performance management to training and coaching new change leaders. After 8 years in the industry, I wanted to broaden my perspectives and try new areas while continuing to grow as a change leader. Management consulting always appealed to me—but with two small kids, I wasn’t sure how to make that work from a lifestyle perspective. Then I heard about McKinsey Implementation, which works on site with clients to help them move beyond recommendations and achieve tangible, long-term improvement. It was the perfect career choice for me.

Sharing victories with clients

As an implementation specialist, I have mainly been supporting lean transformations, working side by side with managers and change leaders at the client site. One thing I really like about McKinsey is that whatever our individual roles are within the firm, we are one team facing the client—and everyone uses the best of the firm’s knowledge and resources available to help the client. To me, the success of a client relationship is not only determined by the tangible results achieved, but also in developing the kind of trust that a client comes by to share victories of the day or ask for help.

Joining McKinsey as an experienced hire

My advice to anyone interested in joining McKinsey as an experienced hire is to be open to learning—both from younger and more senior colleagues—how to navigate among the many useful resources and tools available in the firm. This will be a real timesaver and will help you focus on how to develop your strengths to the next level. Also, think about your passion and what gives you energy. What does a really good day look like for you? When do you feel at your best? Knowing your passion will be a good starting point to finding the right role at McKinsey, where you can be entrepreneurial and innovative—and “make your own McKinsey.”


Royal Institute of Technology
MSc, industrial engineering