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Engagement manager, Stockholm
“McKinsey allows me to think creatively and pursue new ideas—such as how we can help clients improve strategic decision making using digital tools. Here, you can find and do what really excites you.”

A journey of exploration

What attracted me to McKinsey was the possibility of immersing myself in different industries and client situations, in different parts of the world.

Moreover, I was fascinated by the opportunity to build a holistic understanding of clients and industries by working closely with top management.

After almost 2 years with the firm, I am thrilled by how much I have accomplished and learned. I have made a point to explore many opportunities—working in industries ranging from infrastructure to telecoms, and retail to media, on topics including strategy, marketing, sales, and organization. This has given me the opportunity to discover and broaden what I find interesting and exciting; lately, I have been focusing on consumer-facing sectors, working on projects in the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Finland, and Sweden.

Thinking creatively, pursuing new ideas

A big part of my McKinsey experience has been about thinking creatively and pursuing new ideas. For instance, I was part of a team participating in our internal competition on new approaches to serving clients, and I presented to a panel of McKinsey directors on how we can help clients improve their strategic decision making using digital tools. I think this really captures what is so rewarding about being at McKinsey—you can find and do what really excites you.

Lasting relationships with amazing people

The people I’ve worked with at McKinsey have made a huge contribution to my personal and professional development. Since joining, I have had the chance to work with colleagues and clients from different parts of the world and build lasting relationships with bright and driven people. Much of our daily work is about personal interactions within the team, with the client, and with knowledge professionals across McKinsey—so learning from others and coaching them gives you access to a great knowledge pool and powerful development opportunities. We are truly "one firm" and there is almost always someone who can help you and is just a phone call away.


Stockholm School of Economics
MSc, general management

Sabanci University, Istanbul
BSc, mechatronics; minor, mathematics