About Feda – with a passion for lindy hop and leadership

“I was treated like a consultant from day 1.

I was never ‘just the intern.’”

Give it your all

I love to dance. Especially the Lindy hop. I danced competitively for many years and won the silver medal at the world championships. Dancing taught me to perform under pressure. When in front of judges and an audience, you give it your all, regardless of the context.

I was also given an opportunity move into the spotlight during my internship at McKinsey. We were working with a major consumer-goods company, and my manager asked me to lead a client meeting instead of taking a support role. I had to engage directly, think on my feet, lead the discussion, and I loved it. When my manager saw the action plans we had developed in the meeting, he gave me responsibility to lead a key part of the 3-week project. It was an incredible growth experience and I was given all the coaching needed to step up my role.

Preparation is everything

Like dance, consulting is fast-moving, and the performance is dynamic. To excel in either, you need to put tremendous effort into your training and preparation and then focus on what is important. In my internship, I found that my education and my background as an entrepreneur prepared me to put my textbook knowledge to use in real client projects. I was treated like a consultant from day 1. I was never “just the intern.”

Lead yourself and others

Dancing is the world’s smallest team sport. As a couple, you learn to follow and lead. Communication is essential. You need to listen, understand, adjust, and improvise. In consulting, you need to develop these skills with your clients, colleagues, and yourself. Self-leadership is key. You need to perfect your skills and work toward your goals.

Diversity is valued at McKinsey and everyone is encouraged to be themselves. Come and join us, and bring your skills and talents into the spotlight!