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Associate, Stockholm
“I have been amazed by the extent to which my colleagues genuinely care about and support each other. People at McKinsey will take the time to support you—any hour of the day.”

Learning much more than I'd ever hoped

I am a curious person and since joining McKinsey I have learned much more than I ever hoped about how companies actually work. I have seen board-level strategic plans.

I have worked with enormous power plants and in small towns with local retail stores. And I have helped clients with their product development, operations, organizational design, and CFO-level financial reporting.

Doing work that matters

In addition to gathering insight into how companies work, I also get to help shape them. I have helped organizations improve the way they work—involving thousands of people. My recommendations have been presented to top managers at large companies, and published in the Swedish and international news when my clients have acted on them. It is incredibly energizing to know that the work I do every day does matter.

Genuine care and support

I am amazed by the extent to which my colleagues genuinely care about and support each other within McKinsey. Colleagues from all around the world—with decades of experience—are just a phone call away to answer questions and help me develop strong recommendations for my clients. Even more importantly, people here will take the time any hour of day to listen to me and support me, even if they are working with a completely different client in another country. In short, I feel at home at McKinsey.

The value of an internship

In my mind I got the best possible start to my journey within McKinsey: I did an internship. During a summer I had the opportunity to see for myself what the job was really like. I can recommend anyone who still has some time left on their education to apply for an internship.


Lund Institute of Technology
MSc, industrial engineering & management, with technology management