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Implementation leader, Gothenburg
“McKinsey Implementation lets me do exactly what I love, every day.”

Finding a fit with a background in engineering

After completing my university studies in chemical and industrial engineering, I started working as a Six Sigma project engineer for a packaging manufacturer and quickly found a passion for making continuous improvements in manufacturing.

I focused my career in this area for several years, working with trainers and coaches across all levels of the organization. I never saw consulting as a next step until a recruiter told me about McKinsey Implementation and the focus on building long-term relationships and creating sustainable change.

McKinsey Implementation bridges a gap I was missing in my previous roles—long-term sustainability. Today, I help clients implement change by building strong coaching relationships. I get to focus on a perfect mix of hands-on improvement work and problem solving with clients, combined with great opportunities for me as an individual to develop professionally.

Leading hands-on work between clients and McKinsey

I lead lean transformations in manufacturing where I help clients identify and implement improvements to support changes in both people and process performance. Every day, I enjoy and am positively surprised by how inclusive and “hands-on” the tasks are. A typical day with a client might involve observations and discussions with employees on the shop floor, facilitating problem-solving sessions, developing ways to measure success, and coaching client teams on presentations to management. My great passion for continuous improvements stems from helping people develop, improve the way they work, and deliver sustainable improvements. McKinsey Implementation lets me do exactly what I love, every day.

Joining McKinsey as an experienced professional

Joining McKinsey as an experienced professional was the right decision for me. Coming from industry, I can relate to many of the challenges that clients face during the change process, and clients appreciate my knowledge of real-life experiences. It did of course pose a few challenges at first because, as experienced professionals, we bring our own “tool kits” and ways of doing things. McKinsey provides a supportive on-boarding program, which includes everything from formal training weeks and web-based training modules to a fantastic buddy system. The most important tip as I was coming up to speed was to take advantage of the many impressive resources the firm offers, and reach out to the thousands of helpful colleagues who were—and remain—happy to help me along. 


Lund University
Master’s degree, chemical engineering and industrial engineering