A leap outside my comfort zone

After 4 years as an academic researcher and 6 years in various roles in the R&D organization of a large multinational company, I wanted a change.

I wanted to take a leap outside my comfort zone as a specialist and stretch my capabilities in various sectors and functions as a generalist. During my MBA I started considering McKinsey, and the consultants I met from McKinsey played a big role in my decision to join. I met sharp, funny, and stimulating people, always up for a laugh, a deep conversation, or a problem solving discussion.

Tremendous support for my growth and development

Since joining McKinsey, I have had the opportunity to work on subjects ranging from IT in the public sector, to telecom strategy, to the power sector's prospects. The teams have been fantastic, and I have been impressed by the feedback-focused culture that has helped me tremendously in focusing me on the right areas to grow and develop.

I have also leveraged my specialist knowledge from my previous career as an "expert" for other teams. McKinsey is permeated by a truly unique collaborative attitude, and once you are known to have specific sectorial or functional expertise, you will be able to support colleagues worldwide with your knowledge.

Authentic caring and understanding

As a father of three young daughters, I try to spend most of my time in Stockholm, and I have been impressed by the flexibility often available to choose projects that fit one’s development or personal goals. I have been touched by the authentic caring and understanding I have experienced from colleagues across my projects and always felt I could be fully transparent regarding my personal priorities. McKinsey has shown deep understanding for the constraints a life as a parent often poses, and has exceeded my expectations professionally and personally.


Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
PhD, polymer physics

HEC, Paris, France