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Five Fifty: The recipe for success

The recipe for success

What combination of management practices leads to the healthiest, highest-performing companies? We found four recipes for success.

Activists at the gate

Activists at the gate

How do you know a corporate board is effective? Look to the number of activist investors it attracts.
Strategy vs execution

Strategy vs execution

What matters more—great strategy or great execution? New research finds that strategy wins, especially disruptive strategies that respond powerfully to digitization.

Five Fifty: Ultralarge


Space stations, airports, power projects, and dams. These ultra-large projects suffer from big overruns in schedule and cost. Here’s how to fix them.
Five Fifty: This year's model

This year’s model

Established business models are under attack. How can companies innovate new ones?

Five Fifty: You better shop around

You better shop around

Used to be loyalty was everything. Now consumers would rather shop than stay faithful.
Five Fifty: Rudeness on the rise

Rudeness on the rise

As more managers and employees behave badly at work, the cost of incivility is steep. To remedy the rudeness, companies should start with the boss.

Five Fifty: Gut instincts

Gut instincts

Should corporate executives trust their intuition? Sometimes yes, but other times no, says Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahnemann. Four tests can help you decide.
Five Fifty: The organic path to growth

The organic path to growth

What’s the best way to grow a company? Many executives gravitate toward mergers and acquisitions. But organic growth, done right, delivers long-term value, too.

Better decision

Better decisions

The path to better decision making means untangling the crossed web of accountability—one decision at a time.
Gender equality

The front lines of gender inequality

More than 75 percent of CEOs have made gender diversity a top priority at their companies. So why do men still get paid more, and promoted more often, than women?

Five Fifty: Becoming CEo

Becoming CEO

You’ve just become the chief executive officer of a big company. Now what do you do?

Going long

Going long

Are executives too focused on the short term? If so, does it really matter?

Digital Effect

The digital effect

What does the digitization of industries mean for future revenue and profit growth? McKinsey put that question to 2,135 global executives in a survey late last year. The findings are bad news for average companies.
Evaluate this

Evaluate this

Premier edition—Want better performance from your employees? Drop the annual review process and its ill-fitting stack-and-rank ratings approach. You're better off crowdsourcing evaluations as part of a new approach to motivating workers.

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