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Ryan Yu

Business Analyst, Manila

For those who would like to learn and grow in a fast-paced environment, McKinsey is the perfect place to be.

Finding my passion

As a young idealist fresh out of college, I wanted to change the world and create lasting impact. However, it wasn’t clear to me at the time where I could make that happen. After spending six inspiring months serving in the Department of Finance of the Philippines, I realized that I wanted to spend time exploring the world and finding the best avenue to reach my dream of driving impact forward. McKinsey was the perfect place to do just that—it gave me exposure to various industries in different geographies.

As a consultant, I frequently travel around Southeast Asia to help clients solve their biggest challenges. The firm has a strong commitment to personal development, and we typically work on projects in line with our development needs and personal preferences. Since I started at McKinsey, I have had the opportunity to work with organizations in industries ranging from banking to telecommunications, which has been both challenging and exciting.

Being a force for good

“To be a force for good in the Philippines” is the thrust of our home office, but this drive for positive change is visible in all our colleagues globally. The firm is extremely dedicated to delivering impact, and our commitment to companies and their needs is demonstrated by the question we regularly ask ourselves: “How can we create more value for our clients?”

The kind of change that McKinsey creates is unparalleled. I am constantly amazed to see how our decisions impact not just the organizations we serve, but also entire landscapes, be it industries such as agriculture and healthcare or whole communities through our education and public sector work.

Gaining courage and determination in a fast-paced environment

At McKinsey, consultants are constantly challenged to grow and develop their capabilities to become better business professionals. In my first year alone, I interviewed multiple CEOs to gather ideas for an industry road map, designed client workshops to develop unique customer insights, and created strategies to help companies adjust to regulatory changes. At times, the learning curve can be steep, and during the start of a project, consultants often get only a few days to become familiar with a whole new industry—but that’s what being a part of the firm is about: gaining traction on unfamiliar ground and developing the insight to deliver transformative impact.

Being at McKinsey requires a lot of courage and determination, and the firm has helped by providing me with all the tools and support that I need to do my best. My experience so far has truly been life-changing, and I believe working with a team of talented consultants and industry experts has shaped me for success. For those who would like to learn and grow in a fast-paced environment, McKinsey is the perfect place to be.


Ateneo de Manila University
BSc, management engineering