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Following my passion while creating lasting impact for our clients

The true meaning of teamwork

Knowing that I wanted a career in consulting, McKinsey was a natural choice for its reputation. What cemented my decision was the collaborative environment I found at McKinsey during the interview process, which included fun brainstorming sessions to solve problems. It was an exchange of ideas rather than a typical case interview monologue. I realized then that being at McKinsey means that I would truly be part of the team—part of the decision making process and driving the direction to help clients solve problems.

Lasting client impact

One of my biggest concerns when starting out as a consultant was that our work would not be implemented. After joining McKinsey, I was happy to see that our recommendations are implemented and have helped our clients significantly—whether it be increasing productivity in a semiconductor plant, improving cash for an explosives organization, operating expense reduction for a telecommunication player firm, or helping set-up expansion options for a consumer goods plant. In all my engagements, I felt that as a firm, we have made positive lasting impact for our clients which has been a truly rewarding experience.

Following my passion

The firm is supportive and actively encourages you to work to pursue your passions. Personally, I am passionate about recruitment. I enjoy meeting and recruiting talented individuals that can bring direct value to the company. At McKinsey, I was able to support the recruiting team from the moment I joined, which was refreshing and exciting.

Having my voice heard and valued

One of McKinsey’s values is the obligation to dissent and this can be seen every day. It’s refreshing to know that your opinions are truly valued and that colleagues, regardless of role or tenure, respect what you have to say. For me, this environment motivates me more to help the team and the client.


London Business School

Ateneo de Manila University
BS, management engineering