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Nicole Kalagayan

Business Analyst, Manila

The firm has been instrumental in shaping my perspective of the world…

An amazing level of support

I’ve always been—and continue to be—amazed by McKinsey’s unmatched level of support for its employees at every level. Upon joining the firm, I was impressed by the firm’s vast network of knowledge, as well as the systems in place that help us do our work. For example, I can email colleagues from anywhere in the world, and they will happily get on a call to share their expertise, even if I’ve never met them. I was even more surprised when I soon realized the firm also offers a more intrinsic kind of support, as it is a place where your colleagues truly care about your personal and professional development. I can talk to senior partners and peers alike, and get supportive yet constructive advice on all sorts of topics. I often leave these conversations feeling very excited to be working closely with inspiring people, and it is not uncommon for colleagues to go out of their way to help their peers succeed.

A wealth of learning and experience

One truism I’ve learned about a career in consulting is that it offers a variety and wealth of experiences. The expectation is that we, as generalists, can be thrown into any situation and easily get up to speed to deliver impact. For example, I have worked in industries from the public sector to petrochemicals to banking. Regardless of age or tenure, we find ourselves working with executives and senior leaders in the organizations we serve, which is both challenging and exciting. Coupled with the impact we create with our clients, this makes for a truly purposeful career.

A great step into a meaningful career

As someone who entered McKinsey soon after university, I’ve found the firm has been instrumental in shaping my perspective of the world and my career direction. This perspective has continuously evolved and expanded because of the valuable skills I’ve learned and, more importantly, because of my interactions with people from diverse backgrounds. There’s also a strong sense of career ownership, as we are often reminded to “make your own McKinsey”—to exercise intentionality and a sense of purpose, and go after what inspires us.


University of the Philippines Diliman
BS, business economics