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Justine Eligio

Senior Research AnalystManila

Justine Eligio

Senior Research AnalystManila

If you are a naturally curious person, then this could be your perfect playground—where every day at work is an opportunity to find a pleasant surprise.

Work–life balance

One of the things I love most about the firm is its trust-based culture. We are output based and we put high importance on excellence, not just at work but also in life. This gives me the freedom and energy to go to the gym regularly and attend Spanish classes, even on weekdays after work.

Why McKinsey?

I remember joining McKinsey with nation building in mind, because I strongly believe in the firm’s huge potential to make a positive, lasting change in the world: it is a group of driven, smart people guided by an impeccable set of values where integrity is first.

Memorable, rewarding, and meaningful work

I am passionate about the environment and one of my most inspiring pieces of work at McKinsey is an initiative to remind governments and big companies of their crucial role in waste management and preserving our oceans. I am continually inspired by how much the firm is investing in areas such as advancing basic education in emerging economies, eliminating discrimination and upholding gender equality in the workplace, and protecting endangered species!

Working side by side

We value and welcome each other’s thoughts regardless of seniority. McKinsey is a place where old, proven ways and fresh, new perspectives are truly given equal weight, and I am happy to work in a place where listening and giving caring feedback are an integral part of the way of working.

Being part of a global team

Prior to joining McKinsey, I didn’t quite understand how a “one firm” global partnership worked, until I needed to call a person halfway around the world who I had never talked to before. I was amazed at how passionate he was in sharing with me his expertise on a research topic I was working on.

Shaping my own career

I do intellectually satisfying work where no two days are the same. I could be doing mystery shopping in the morning, working on an Excel model after lunch, and learning about emerging tech-payment players before close of day. I learn so many new things every day that I otherwise would not even think of reading about. If you are a naturally curious person, then this could be your perfect playground—where every day at work is an opportunity to find a pleasant surprise.

What was the most unexpected aspect of working at McKinsey?

The very first thing that amazed me about the firm is its focus on mentorship. I genuinely feel that people around me want me to succeed. In times where I feel lost and in doubt, I always have mentors I can run to. This focus was clear from the start: my manager who is based in Singapore flew to meet and train me in person on my first three days at work, after which I was sent overseas to meet other colleagues from the same cohort where we talked about our similar needs and challenges and learned from the experiences of our more senior colleagues.


University of the Philippines
BS, business administration

Past experience

Product controller

Nestlé Philippines
Consumer-marketing intern