McKinsey has given me the amazing opportunity to meet and work with some of the best and most inspiring people from all around the globe—both from inside the firm and in client teams.

Acquiring the skills needed

As a young, idealistic graduate fresh out of school, I dreamt of changing the world. But my rational self knew that this involved more than just dreams—that the skills and mindset to make my dreams a reality were equally important. Then McKinsey came along and provided me with the perfect opportunity to continuously develop the right sets of skills, challenging me never to settle for anything less than the best—both for me and my clients.

Working together for a better world

Six months in, I can say that the McKinsey journey is an incredibly steep learning curve. There are days when I’m running on sheer willpower, amazed at how much our team is achieving in such a short space of time. These moments are offset by the precious bonds of friendship I forge with my colleagues, and by the strong relationships I end up establishing with my client teams. All the effort becomes worthwhile when I realize we are building a better company, a better organization, a better world—together.

Where vision meets passion

I joined McKinsey wanting to build up my capabilities, and indeed it has taught me great new skills, like analyzing huge chunks of data to create useful insights, or how to communicate properly with the CEO of a multinational company. More than this, though, I’m constantly inspired by the amazing people I work with. Their incredible vision and unswerving passion serve as proof that it is possible to follow your ideals and make your dreams real.


Ateneo de Manila University
BS, management engineering