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Cecilia Sambilay

Executive Assistant, Manila

This is the place to be—where you can leave work at the end of the day feeling you have contributed to something valuable. I could not have found a better working environment.

A sense of accomplishment everyday

Prior to McKinsey, I worked as an executive secretary for a multinational firm. Then my kids finished university and I thought I’d try something different. This was when a friend told me McKinsey was looking for executive assistants. Quite by chance, I heard an independent newscast that McKinsey was one of the best consulting firms worldwide. This made me curious. That was nearly four years ago and I have never regretted my decision to join.

At McKinsey the tasks are many but they are well organized, properly supported, and move in step with one another. So, even when there are heavy responsibilities, the day ends with a sense of accomplishment. The tasks are also well defined and the competence of the people here invaluable. Thus there is little conflict. I could not have found a better working environment.

Being part of the team

I love working with McKinsey teams. Some of my most rewarding moments have included receiving gifts or thank you cards from team members to show their appreciation after a study is over. The human side of McKinsey is no better seen than in the way that relationships count, that you are recognized as being part of a team and acknowledged for its accomplishments.

One of McKinsey’s consulting teams once asked me to identify project sites and join the client on visits. It was meaningful for me to be contributing appropriate sources of information, which were critical to the project. I’ve joined other teams in data gathering activities—meeting warm, talented people and making new friendships.

Skilled in the technology of globalization

McKinsey is a multinational firm involved in a wide range of activities, and I’ve really come to understand the meaning of “globalization” and its requirements for the provision of services. As a result, I have become an active player in the use of communication technology without which globalized activities would not be possible. This has brought me genuine professional growth and personal satisfaction.


University of Santo Tomas
BS, commerce economics