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Anton Bautista

Engagement Manager, Manila

I was attracted to McKinsey’s values, especially the idea of ‘creating an unrivaled environment for exceptional people.’ The phrases ‘caring meritocracy’ and ‘obligation to dissent’ resonated with me back then and still do.

What drew me were the people

I hadn’t considered consulting till I attended a McKinsey information session early in my senior college year. What first drew me were the people—intelligent, composed, but down-to-earth—the type of people I wanted to work with. Their stories of the impact they created (even as fresh graduates) excited me, and I aspired to do the same.

Ongoing cycle of learning

I was staffed on my first client engagement a few days after joining. The client was undergoing an operational transformation and we were tasked to work with their change leaders, leading critical initiatives and representing the transformation at the frontlines. It was exciting work, and the learning curve was steep—but there was abundant support from my fellow team members and McKinsey’s network of experts. To this day, new mentors and leaders keep guiding me towards the next stages of my career.

Outside learning on the job, McKinsey offers training programs that have helped me build both hard and soft skills to perform at my best. From best practices in developing financial models to story lining complex messages, there is a wealth of knowledge for you to discover. I was also interested in further studies, so McKinsey allowed me educational leave and then sponsored my MBA at the London Business School.

It is truly up to you to make your own McKinsey

My four years at the firm have been filled with memorable experiences. From identifying cost reduction levers in Sri Lanka to seeking digital growth opportunities in Sydney, McKinsey has taken me places and immersed me in business issues that most people in their early career could only dream of. With this breadth of exposure to industries and functions, I could explore and hone in on my preferences. My time at the firm has also introduced me to group of remarkable characters—from data scientists to art majors—some of whom are now close friends.

Make the most of the recruitment process

The recruitment process helps develop skills that will be useful in and out of the McKinsey. So investing effort will pay off. During the process, you will meet consultants and recruiters with a wealth of valuable experience. They can help you prepare for case interviews and to gain a better grasp of what consulting life is like. Take the chance to get to know them better.


London Business School

Ateneo de Manila University
BS, management engineering