Tomas is a leader in the Asian Energy and Chemicals Practice, based in Seoul. Since joining the firm in 1992, he has led a variety of strategic, organizational, and operational projects in Europe, United States, and Asia. During his last 12 years in Asia, Tomas has overseen more than 200 projects in the oil and gas and chemicals industries, covering the whole value chain. His work includes:

  • multiple growth programs for leading Korean integrated refinery/chemicals players
  • an evaluation of the largest Korean M&A chemicals transaction
  • the introduction of an operating system for a leading Korean refinery and for a Korean chemical company
  • multiyear corporate (portfolio and growth) strategies for national oil companies across the whole value chain
  • the development of several portfolio and growth strategies for the downstream sector (refining and chemicals), including overseeing megainvestment projects
  • the operational transformations of the downstream sector in integrated sites
  • market-entry strategies for several multinational corporations (specialty and petrochemical)
  • the portfolio and growth program for large chemicals state-owned enterprises
  • stepout growth programs for leading chemicals players
  • business-unit strategies for a large chemicals conglomerate
  • growth programs for leading petrochemicals player
  • the assessment of a petrochemicals-investment proposal

Tomas is currently leading the global McKinsey initiative in Asia on how to build “capabilities for performance,” supporting clients in developing the required skills and capabilities they need to achieve their aspirations. Tomas also leads New Ventures for Asia-Pacific.

Published work

Value Creation: Strategies for the Chemical Industry, Wiley-VCH, 2006


University of Freiburg
PhD, physics; MS, physics; BS, economics