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Stacey Dietsch

Stacey Dietsch

Helps organizations accelerate and sustain performance by enhancing the capabilities of their people and linking talent to value creation

As an advisor to leaders and executives, Stacey helps organizations succeed by investing in their people. She specializes in setting talent strategy, fostering leadership development, guiding change management, and boosting the value of human resources in both the public and private sectors across a range of industries and geographies.

Stacey is passionate about improving employee effectiveness through a range of targeted interventions. Her work requires guiding large-scale transformation programs as well as offering tailored one-on-one coaching. She customizes the journey for each client to allow for agile design and delivery at scale.

Recently, Stacey led a program to set up a corporate university for a healthcare payer. This effort included defining the vision for the university, establishing the structure for various schools based on both corporate strategy, and performing an analysis of the impact of existing learning programs. As part of the university launch, Stacey worked with her clients to create a leadership-development program that will be annually held and cascaded to all employees to create transparency and capability in support of the company’s strategic direction.

Stacey supported another client with its talent strategy, from performing a diagnostic of the current talent programs’ effectiveness to defining a five-part talent strategy linked to the company’s business objectives. This project included a strategic workforce-planning effort that defined the expected value creation of each role and articulated a comprehensive plan to close gaps in capacity and capability across the organization.

In support of a client’s organization-wide transformation, Stacey helped define a new performance-management program that included a shift from documentation to dialogue. It also created a global talent marketplace to match high-potential talent to cross-functional opportunities.

In the public sector, Stacey recently supported the top team of an agency undergoing a significant transformation. Her efforts included conducting a series of alignment workshops to help build trust and establish an effective decision-making model in the context of setting strategy, prioritizing budget allocations, and planning for succession.

Strongly interested in best practices and new research, Stacey has published an article addressing common misconceptions about adult learning and sharing insights into how neuroscience can enhance learning-program design. She also has studied how to provide better support for the senior executives responsible for leading the US federal workforce.

Before joining McKinsey, Stacey designed and managed learning programs for field leadership at a large food-and-beverage retailer, drawing on expertise she previously honed as an organizational-development consultant at a global accounting company.

Stacey is a member of the Consortium for Learning Innovation, an interdisciplinary network convened by McKinsey with the mission to enable rewarding lives and work through distinctive, continuous improvements in adult learning in the workplace. She is passionate about the possibilities for adult learning and speaks regularly on learning topics at industry conferences.

Published work

How to separate learning myths from reality,” McKinsey Quarterly, July 2015

Past experience

Senior training specialist

Hitachi Consulting

Arthur Andersen


New York University
BA, psychology