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Sree Ramaswamy

MGI Partner, Washington DC
Leads research on digitization, competition, and the impact of multinational companies on the global economy

About Sree

Sree Ramaswamy is a Partner at the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), McKinsey’s business and economics research arm. He leads research on the economics of digitization and the economics of multinational corporations. He is responsible for shaping MGI’s research initiatives, leading research on trends in competition, technology, and global forces influencing multinationals.

Sree is also a co-leader of MGI’s research on North America, and has authored reports and articles on the ongoing digital transformation of the US economy, on new investment opportunities, on opportunities and challenges for the NAFTA region, and the role of US multinational firms in the global economy. Sree is a frequent speaker at conferences, policymaker, business, and media roundtables, and media briefings on topics related to his core research and to MGI’s broader themes around global forces, technology, trade and investment, and the global and US economic outlook. His research is frequently cited in the Economist, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, and Wall Street Journal among other publications.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Sree spent a decade in the US telecom and aerospace sector. He worked in regulatory affairs and engineering research for broadband satellite networks and holds three patents. He has an MBA and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in engineering and telecommunications. Sree is based in Washington, DC.

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Selected published work

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Columbia Business School

University of Pittsburgh
MS, telecommunications