About Simon

Simon returned to McKinsey’s Sydney office in 2016, after 6 years at the firm’s Public Sector Practice in Washington, DC. While in the United States, Simon served federal, state, and city governments on a broad range of issues. Specifically, he has led programs on economic- and jobs-growth strategy, agency strategy, transportation policy, infrastructure investments and delivery, government efficiency, and productivity improvement. Simon is passionate about improving the opportunities available to everyday citizens.

His recent experience includes:

  • designing a job- and economic-growth strategy for an Australian state
  • working with a state government to improve its productivity, with a focus on goods and services
  • designing economic growth, transport, land-use, and workforce strategies for an Australian city
  • improving the productivity of transport systems in two major US cities
  • designing job- and economic-growth strategies for two large US states
  • working with a national aviation authority to refresh its strategy and improve its operational efficiency.

Published work

How smarter purchasing can improve public-sector performance,” McKinsey & Company, March 2018


University of New South Wales
Bachelor in laws, Bachelor in commerce