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Sha Sha

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Leads high impact digital and data-enabled transformation for consumer facing industries—such as retail banking, automotive, and consumer goods—in Asia.

About Sha Sha

Sha Sha leads Digital McKinsey in Asia and is the catalyst for the use of advanced analytics in McKinsey’s China Innovation Hub. She serves leading digital natives and unicorns on advanced analytics and innovative programs in Greater China. Sha Sha has rich experience in leveraging data assets and orchestrating ecosystems to create value from both traditional leaders in banking, automotive OEMs, consumer goods, and cutting-edge digital natives. As an advisor to chairmen, founders, and CEOs, she helps define a clear and aspirational vision of how to leverage digital and analytics to turbo charge business growth, how to leverage large-scale of data assets to identify value and unleash the full productivity of frontline performance. She also has rich experience to help re-design new customer journey, identify new product development, and scale the innovation with end-to-end bottom line impact.

Examples of her recent client engagements include following:

  • Developed a successful 10-year growth strategy for a leading auto OEM in China; supported a two-year project management office (PMO) with capability building at key functions. In addition, helped the client establish its own strategy office, which included driving rigorous execution and competence building
  • Optimized product development processes of the first China-specific vehicle for a leading OEM. Led the joint cross-functional team, which shortened the development time by six months, and achieved stretch cost and quality targets. The vehicle has achieved record sales of 1 million cars and remains the company’s champion product since its successful launch in Aug 2008
  • Diagnosed core processes and systematically accessed frontline execution capabilities on a regional basis at a leading OEM, then led a successful two-year frontline transformation. The effort improved its customer sales satisfaction (SSI) ranking by 10 positions after a two-year change program, together with more than 15-percent annual revenue and profit growth within the period
  • Helped to build customer-oriented retail marketing system, analyzing consumer behavior on a regional level, conducting digital tracking to link online to offline conversion, and identifying sales-funnel weaknesses to ensure efficiency

Sha Sha is an ardent advocate for entrepreneurs, having coached the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards for five years—and the China team to success as a Laureate globally in 2012. She is also frequently invited by CBN, CCTV, and Oriental TV on business and social programs as the anchored guest, and was elected into the 10th Committee of the Shanghai Youth Federation.

Published Work

The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in Asia Pacific,” McKinsey Global Institute, April 2018


Harvard Business School

Beijing University
BA, international economics