Our People

Aamer Baig

Senior Partner, Chicago
Draws on expertise in digital and finance to help clients transform their performance

Aamir Malik

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Develops growth strategies, guides M&A, and implements large-scale programs to transform performance for pharmaceutical companies

Aaron Aboagye

Partner, New Jersey
Specializes in advising semiconductor and automotive companies on strategic and operational topics

Aaron De Smet

Senior Partner, Houston
Delivers growth, innovation, and organizational agility and is an expert on culture change, leadership development, team effectiveness, capability...

Acha Leke

Senior Partner, Johannesburg
Works with key public, private, and social sector institutions to accelerate growth and development in Africa

Achim Berg

Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Advises global apparel and luxury clients on strategy, operations, and marketing—helping executives design and optimize apparel sourcing...

Adam Bird

Senior Partner, Munich
Deep experience and expertise advising clients on critical issues facing digital marketing, and media and entertainment

Adam Sabow

Senior Partner, Chicago
Works with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, global health institutions, and not for profits to support commercial and operational...

Adi Leviatan

Partner, Minneapolis
Infrastructure and capital-productivity expert; works with leading corporations and public sector organizations to fundamentally improve the...

Adrian Booth

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Serves power and gas utilities, infrastructure owners, such as investors and developers, technology solution providers, regulators, and others...

Ajay Dhankhar

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Spurs organizations to greater R&D productivity and value creation; experienced in value-creating mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, large...

Alan Martin

Senior Expert, London
Serves clients seeking to improve their refining operations and advises on downstream strategy topics—helping companies boost performance...

Alberto Chaia

Senior Partner, Mexico City
Works with clients in Mexico, Latin America and globally to develop strategies for economic development, financial inclusion and education

Alberto Marchi

Senior Partner, Milan
Advises global and regional energy companies on challenges involving organization, strategy, risk, and regulation

Alejandro Díaz

Senior Partner, Dallas
Helps global consumer-facing companies capture growth opportunities and achieve excellence in strategy, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution;...

Alena Kretzberg

Partner, Frankfurt
Helps align IT with company strategies, particularly in enterprise architecture and the financial services sector

Alex Dichter

Senior Partner, London
Helps airlines, airline-services companies, and aerospace firms develop profitable strategies and improve global operations

Alex Kazaks

Partner, San Francisco
Helps domestic and global companies better serve their customers by transforming digital capabilities and developing skills for innovation to...

Alex Panas

Senior Partner, Boston
Brings deep expertise in serving private equity sponsors and portfolio companies on strategy, organization, operations, and investment-diligence...

Alex Singla

Senior Partner, Chicago
Leads McKinsey’s client service and knowledge agenda on service operations across North America; advises leading financial institutions on topics...

Alexander Edlich

Senior Partner, New York
A financial services and private equity leader

Alexander Weiss

Senior Partner, Berlin
Alexander jointly leads our work in capital projects for the Electrical Power and Natural Gas (EPNG) Practice in Europe, Middle East & Africa...

Alexandre Sawaya

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Leads the Financial Institutions and the Risk Management Practices in Latin America

Allen Weinberg

Senior Partner, New York
Works with consumer and corporate financial services firms on IT and operations strategy and redesign

Alok Kshirsagar

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Deep experience in helping companies execute globalization initiatives to and from Asia, including new product and distribution models, cross-border...

Amadeo Di Lodovico

Senior Partner, Dubai
Serves leading companies in the energy, metals, and mining sectors on strategic topics, operational challenges, and government policy matters

Anders Rasmussen

Senior Partner, London
Brings expertise in corporate finance and risk management to oil and industrial companies, helping them prepare for growth and put in place effective...

André Andonian

Managing Partner Japan and Senior Partner, Tokyo
Works in Advanced Industries globally, serving clients in our Advanced Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Assembly and High Tech...

André Dua

Senior Partner, New York
Provides strategic counsel to media and technology companies, state and local governments, and educational institutions

Andres Cadena

Senior Partner, Bogotá
Champions Latin America’s economic development and applies his financial and strategic expertise in his work with the region’s public and private...

Andrew Grant

Senior Partner, Auckland
Advises government entities on strategy, with a focus on economic development, civil-service reform, health care, and infrastructure

Andrew Pickersgill

Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises clients on sales and marketing, growth strategy, and operational improvement topics, with depth in the telecom and banking industries

Andy West

Senior Partner, Boston
Brings deep experience to bear in helping mergers and acquisitions deliver growth through effective integration and new structures and governance...

Angus Dawson

Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads McKinsey’s Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice across Asia; applies deep experience in consumer-facing industries to help leading...

Anjan Asthana

Senior Partner, Chicago
Leads McKinsey's Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice in the Americas. Advises senior executives at electric and gas utilities, helping them...

Anna Granskog

Partner, Helsinki
Extensive experience in the electricity, basic materials, and engineering industry sectors with particular focus on strategy and organizational...

Anton Derkach

Senior Partner, Houston
Serves clients in North America electric power utilities, retail, technology and equipment manufacturing, EPC firms, and financial players, focusing...

Antonio Volpin

Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads McKinsey’s Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice in the Asia–Pacific region, serving clients in the electric power, natural gas, and water...

Anu Madgavkar

MGI Partner, Mumbai
Leads MGI teams based in India, working on global as well as India-focused research

Arend Van Wamelen

Partner, Johannesburg
Helps major industrial and consumer-facing companies develop Africa growth strategies and strengthen capital efficiency and distribution. Brings...

Arnaud Minvielle

Senior Partner, Paris
Leader of the Private Equity Practice in France, leads our commercial and advanced analytics work in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East for...

Arno Gerken

Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Advises financial institutions, insurers, energy companies, and oil companies on a broad range of risk-related strategic issues

Asutosh Padhi

Senior Partner, Global Practice Co-Convener, Chicago
Coleads our work in Advanced Industries on a global basis, leads our Advanced Industries in Americas, and heads up our work in the Automotive...

Aurobind Satpathy

Senior Partner, Chicago
Works on strategy, growth, operations, performance transformation, and turnaround engagements for clients in industrial, health-care, and private-equity...

Axel Baur

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Supports healthcare companies to develop global strategies and operating models

Axel Karlsson

Senior Partner, Hong Kong, Stockholm
Draws on his expertise in technology, operations, and advanced analytics to help companies improve performance

Badrinath Ramanathan

Partner, Singapore
Provides holistic counsel on strategy and corporate finance to clients worldwide, with deep expertise in banks and financial institutions in...

Becca Coggins

Senior Partner, Chicago
Advises retailers across channels on strategy and merchandising and brings deep expertise on format innovation, assortment optimization, and...

Benedikt Zeumer

Partner, Düsseldorf
A leading global expert on base metals, advises and supports businesses across the value chain of the steel, aluminum, and copper industries

Benjamin Cheatham

Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Leads analytics in our Public Sector Practice globally; specializes in applying analytics in the context of performance transformations at defense...

Bertil Chappuis

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Brings deep high tech industry expertise to help clients drive performance, with a focus on go-to-market initiatives

Betsy Holden

Senior Advisor, Chicago
Works extensively in corporate brand building and management, acquisitions, global expansion, turnarounds, restructuring with particular depth...

Bill Russo

Senior Partner, Mexico City
Works closely with retail and consumer goods companies across the globe to develop growth strategies and transform operations.

Bill Wiseman

Senior Partner, Asia Practice Leader, Taipei
Leads Product Development and Advanced Analytics in APAC and serves clients in the integrated device manufacturing, foundry, and capital-equipment...

Björn Timelin

Partner, London
Helps leading consumer-facing companies—including consumer packaged goods, retail, and luxury goods companies—to make better strategic and commercial...

Bob Frei

Senior Partner, Chicago
Brings more than 25 years of experience to his work supporting energy and industrial clients with strategy, organization, and performance improvement

Bob Sternfels

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Enables clients to gain and sustain competitive advantage by designing next-generation operating models

Brandon Carrus

Senior Partner, Cleveland
Works with CEOs and top teams to achieve excellence in clinical and service operations

Brendan Gaffey

Senior Partner, Dallas
Provides deep insight into consumer digital behaviors for high tech, media, and telecom organizations

Brett Grehan

Senior Partner, Sydney
Combines broad cross-sector experience with deep expertise in marketing and strategy to help clients transform global marketing and sales organizations

Brian Elliott

Partner, New Jersey
Leads merchandising and revenue growth transformations, leveraging advanced analytics, big data, and digital redesign

Brian Gregg

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Enables clients to achieve above-market growth by combining advanced analytics, consumer insights, and agile operating models to power commercial...

Bruce Simpson

Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises aerospace, basic materials, and healthcare clients on operations, performance transformation, cultural change, and continuous improvement

Bryan Hancock

Partner, Atlanta
Trusted by private and social sector clients for his expertise in talent management, organizational design, and workforce development.

Catharine Kelly

Director, People Digital Systems and Strategy , Atlanta
Applies broad business technology and customer experience to build clients' operations and sales and marketing capabilities

Celia Pohani Huber

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Develops strategies for government and private payors, benefits consultants, pharmacy-benefits managers, and charitable foundations

Chandru Krishnamurthy

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Focuses on helping federal and state government agencies and telecommunications companies tackle their most challenging business-technology issues

Charlotte Relyea

Partner, New York
Works closely with clients to build organizational capabilities to sustain long-term growth.

Chris Bradley

Partner, Sydney
One of the developers of McKinsey’s “Ten Timeless Tests of Strategy,” Chris has worked on strategic transformations for organisations...

Chris Ip

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
A strategy and technology expert working with clients to drive business change

Chris Wigley

Partner, London
Advises consumer-facing companies on strategic topics including growth, digital transformation, and M&A

Christer Tryggestad

Senior Partner, Oslo
A leader of our global Electric Power and Natural Gas (EPNG) and Oil and Gas (O&G) Practices; also leads the Knowledge Committee of the Global...

Christoph Schmitz

Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Helps chemicals and petrochemical companies transform operations, design better operating and organizational models, develop winning strategies,...

Christophe François

Senior Partner, Paris
Brings expertise in operational excellence—including supply-chain management, lean transformation, and investment optimization—to companies in...

Christopher Paquette

Partner, Chicago
Assists financial-services and banking clients with all aspects of digital transformation, from strategy to operations to customer experience

Cindy Levy

Senior Partner, London
As global leader of our Risk Practice, helps large global banks on projects related to strategy, organization, and risk governance and culture

Claudio Feser

Senior Partner, Zurich
Advises the top management of pharmaceutical, healthcare, and financial-services companies on leadership, strategy, organization, and corporate...

Cornelius Baur

Senior Partner, Munich
Brings extensive expertise in operations to help automotive, high tech, and aerospace companies enhance value

Dan Singer

Partner, New York
Helps leading sports and gaming companies grow, innovate, and compete for fans in global digital markets

Daniel Pacthod

Senior Partner, New York
Leads McKinsey New Ventures and works with aerospace and defense, industrial, and technology companies to achieve sustainable growth and operational...

Daniele Chiarella

Senior Partner, London
Helps the investment banking and securities divisions of leading European and global banks with regional and global growth strategies and optimizing...

Дарья Борисова

Старший партнер, Москва
Возглавляет направление работы McKinsey по повышению операционной эффективности компаний в регионе ЕЕМА (Восточная Европа, СНГ, Ближний Восток,...

David Brown

Partner, San Francisco
Helps clients with restructuring, including rapid cost reduction, balance sheet optimization, organization design, portfolio alignment, and growth...

David Chinn

Senior Partner, London
Brings expertise in supply chain and operational transformations to defence organisations and armed forces worldwide

David Dyer

Partner, Melbourne
Leads our work in Asia on reputation, government, and regulatory-strategy topics; also supports private- and public-sector clients on strategy...

David C. Frank

Partner, Atlanta
David has led the firm’s support of a number of complex, industry-transforming mergers and integrations over the past several years. In...

David González

Senior Partner, Madrid
Brings extensive expertise in utilities and oil and gas to his work on strategy, operations, regulation, and organization.

David Jacquemont

Partner, Paris
Leads the firm’s Service Operations Practice in Europe

Dr. David G. Knott

Senior Partner, New York
Leads the firm’s Center for US Health System Reform and Medicaid work, drawing on more than 20 years of experience with payors, including national...

David Quigley

Senior Partner, New York
Advises healthcare clients on commercial performance, corporate strategy—including mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures—and organization;...

David Xu

Senior Partner, Shanghai
Advises energy and electricity companies, both in China and internationally, on strategic planning, organizing for performance, and transforming...

Davide Arpili

Partner, Madrid
Leads complex international corporate restructurings, turnarounds, and transformations across industries. Served as chief restructuring officer...

Dennis Spillecke

Senior Partner, Cologne
Coleads the Marketing & Sales Practice in Western Europe and helps clients to run customer-centric transformations, build marketing analytics...

Detlev Mohr

Senior Partner, Stuttgart
Provides expertise on corporate strategy, business-unit strategy, and organizational change

Diaan-Yi Lin

Senior Partner, Singapore
Helps Asian government entities and companies design and implement major performance-transformation and economic-development programs

Dieter Kiewell

Senior Partner, London
Translates pricing innovations into profit gains in a broad array of sectors and businesses

Dilip Wagle

Senior Partner, Seattle
Helps high-tech and media companies develop strategies and the organizational capabilities to execute them

Dirk Schmautzer

Partner, Dubai
Shapes economic and human capital development strategies to boost growth and create jobs. Leads McKinsey’s Education Practice in the Middle East...

Doan Nguyen Hansen

Partner, Singapore
Leads McKinsey’s chemicals and agriculture work in Southeast Asia, advising public- and private-sector clients on strategy, economic development,...

Dominik Wee

Partner, Munich
Leads McKinsey’s global Digital in Automotive & Industrial initiative. Focuses on the topics of Connected Car, Autonomous Driving, and Industry...

Dorothee Herring

Partner, Düsseldorf
Advises automotive and machinery companies as they set strategies for growth and pursue performance improvement

Doug Yakola

Senior Partner, Boston
Brings deep experience in restructuring across industries. Specializes in interim executive roles in organizations undergoing turnarounds. Has...

Duarte Braga

Senior Partner, Lisbon, Madrid
Serves as office manager of our Iberia office, and advises the top management of financial institutions and major telecommunications groups in...

Edd Fleming

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Leverages medical training to help pharmaceutical firms plan and execute growth strategies, improve R&D productivity, and optimize product portfolios

Eion Turnbull

Senior Implementation Leader, Sydney
Brings insight and experience from a variety of industries and cultural settings to help clients identify key drivers of value, galvanise action,...

Endre Holen

Senior Partner, Seattle
Deep expertise in helping companies transform their core operations and focus on holistic performance improvement

Enrico Benni

Senior Partner, Prague
Helps clients on a number of business-technology issues, including sourcing, CRM and global integration of IT systems

Eric Kutcher

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Brings engineering and enterprise technology expertise to help high-tech and industrial companies develop and execute growth strategies

Eric Labaye

Senior Partner, Paris
A senior partner of McKinsey based in Paris, Eric manages global research investments and operations

Eric E. Thompson

Partner, Singapore
Advises companies on interim management, operational and financial restructuring, turnaround programs, and crisis management, with more than...

Erica Coe

Partner, Atlanta
Advises leading healthcare companies operating in a postreform world, with expertise on reform readiness and individual market exchanges, from...

Erik Roth

Senior Partner, Stamford
A leading thinker and adviser on innovation-led growth, R&D, and marketing strategy

Eugéne Smit

Partner, Denver
Helps major industrial companies design and deliver large-scale, multi-year transformation programs to strengthen operational performance and...

Evan Van Metre

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Trusted advisor to logistics, transport and consumer companies, bringing deep expertise in commercial transformation, sales force effectiveness,...

Ewan Duncan

Senior Partner, Seattle
Managing Partner of our Seattle office. Works with technology, media and telecoms clients across multiple topics to improve overall performance...

Fabian Billing

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Combines deep expertise in performance transformations and merger management with extensive experience in the telecoms and high-tech sectors

Fábio Stul

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Guides transformation programs, as well as growth and value-creation efforts for national and multinational consumer-packaged-goods companies...

Fernanda Hoefel

Partner, São Paulo
Member of the consumer group in Latin America, working with retail and consumer clients, and shopping malls, to drive value creation through...

Filipe Barbosa

Senior Partner, Houston
Co-leads the global Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice and helps lead our work in energy and basic materials

Filippo Rossi

Senior Partner, Paris
Brings deep knowledge of infrastructure and production operations in the electric power and natural gas industries

Florian Budde

Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Serves as a global knowledge leader of the Chemicals Practice; helps clients execute functional excellence programs and develop strategies that...

Florian Weig

Senior Partner, Munich
Uses his expertise in operational improvement and product development to advise industrial clients—from semiconductor manufacturers to...

Francesco Selandari

Partner, Milan
Leads McKinsey’s crisis response work in Europe, helping public- and private-sector organizations detect and prevent crises before they...

Franck Le Deu

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Helps healthcare multinationals capture opportunities in China, Asia, and emerging markets, with a focus on improving commercial operations and...

Fredrik Dahlqvist

Senior Partner, Stockholm
Advises private equity companies, government holding corporations, pension funds, insurance companies, and asset managers on ownership strategy,...

Frithjof Norman Lund

Partner, Oslo
Leads McKinsey Board Services, our global service line helping CEOs and boards of directors improve corporate governance, and our Organization...

Gadi BenMark

President and General Manager, McKinsey Social, New York
Helps companies leverage social media to strengthen customer relationships, improve performance, and build their brands

Gary Pinkus

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Managing partner for McKinsey & Company in North America and a global leader in private equity and investment, with deep roots in healthcare

Gautam Kumra

Senior Partner, Gurugram
Managing Director of McKinsey India. Founder of the McKinsey Leadership Institute. Has helped several major Indian companies to shape their global...

Георгий Кобулия

Старший партнер, Москва
Возглавляет направление работы McKinsey в нефтегазовой отрасли в России, Восточной Европе и Центральной Азии. Специализируется на проектах по...

Georges Desvaux

Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Africa, Johannesburg
Brings deep marketing and strategy expertise to help organizations and executives understand and respond to consumer opportunities.

Gernot Strube

Senior Partner, Munich
Advises clients in the aerospace, rail, machinery, and infrastructure sectors on digital transformations, operational strategy, and performance...

Giancarlo Ghislanzoni

Senior Partner, Milan
Counsels clients in the advanced electronics, aerospace and defense, and automotive sectors on their organizational and operational challenges

Gökhan Sari

Senior Partner, Istanbul
Leads our Financial Services and Risk Practices in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East

Gonçalo Serpa Pinto

Senior Partner, Madrid
Leads Digital McKinsey in Iberia and Latin America and advises large corporations—in particular, financial-services companies—on business and...

Greg Kelly

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Leads the Consumer Practice globally and works with apparel, consumer goods, and retail companies, as well as restaurants, on strategy and performance...

Greg Kudar

Senior Partner, Calgary
Advises resource-based companies to help management teams make better portfolio choices and deliver on both capital and operating targets

Gregor Theisen

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Leads our work with financial institutions in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has deep expertise in insurance and banking,...

Guangyu Li

Senior Partner, Shanghai
Uses his experience in infrastructure real estate and the public and private sectors, particularly regional economic development, to advise clients...

Guido Frisiani

Senior Partner, Milan
Supports leading technology, telecommunications, and media companies to shape strategies and capture growth opportunities in the converging digital...

Hans-Werner Kaas

Senior Partner, Detroit
Advises automotive and machinery companies on growth strategy, operations transformation, and organizational effectiveness

Harald Bauer

Senior Partner, EMEA, Frankfurt
Advises semiconductor and high-tech clients on matters of strategy, operations, and performance transformation

Harald Fanderl

Partner, Munich
Works with clients on commercial and customer experience transformations that drive above-market growth.

Harry Robinson

Senior Partner, Southern California
Provides strategic and operations counsel to basic materials, mining, and energy companies worldwide

Helmut Heidegger

Senior Partner, Vienna
Helps banks worldwide address issues concerning regulatory impact, business model redesign, performance enhancement, reorganization, process...

Henk Broeders

Senior Partner, Toronto
Leads McKinsey’s digital insurance initiative in North America, and our Financial Services Practice in Canada, serving major banks and insurers...

Henry Ritchie

Partner, Philadelphia
Uses his expertise in urban development and construction to advise public- and private-sector clients on the planning, building, delivery, and...

Hidayat Liu

Partner, Singapore
Supports energy and mining companies in a range of projects, including strategy, finance, operations, and organization

Homayoun Hatami

Senior Partner, Paris
Leads our offices in France, helping companies drive above-market growth through innovation, marketing, digital and analytics.

Hortense de la Boutetière

Partner, Paris
Focuses on performance transformations of large organizations facing discontinuities, in particular in the energy and healthcare sectors

Hugo Sarrazin

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Pioneers innovative initiatives that help clients reinvent their businesses and is the cofounder and global leader of Digital Labs and McKinsey...

Hugues Lavandier

Partner, New York
Advises energy, mining, and industrial-equipment companies as they set growth and portfolio strategies and evaluate corporate-finance opportunities;...

Humayun Tai

Senior Partner, New York
Serves major utility and energy technology clients across a variety of strategic, organizational and operational issues ranging from emerging...

Hyo Yeon

Digital Partner, New York
A leader of our global design practice who works closely with clients to turn customer empathy into innovative experiences, products, and services

Ian Jefferson

Partner, Washington DC
Serves healthcare clients across the value chain and helps complex organizations undergo postmerger integrations, culture-change programs, and...

Ishaan Seth

Senior Partner, New York
Works with clients in the financial-services and private-equity sectors, including investment banks, retail banks, brokerages, and insurance...

Jaana Remes

MGI Partner, San Francisco
Leads research on productivity, competitiveness, urbanization and manufacturing

Jacob Dahl

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Leads McKinsey’s insurance work and Financial Services Practice in Asia and emerging markets, helping major finance companies drive strategy,...

Jacques Bughin

MGI Director and Senior Partner, Brussels
Leads research on global economic and technology trends and has served media, telecom, online services, health care, fintech, travel and logistics...

Jakob Fischer

Senior Partner, Munich
Leads the Chemicals Practice in the EMEA region. Helps chemical and agrochemical companies—and other companies in the process industries—optimize...

James Chavin

Senior Partner, London
Serves as a restructuring and transformation advisor for a broad range of national and multinational companies, with extensive experience in...

James Kaplan

Partner, New York
Has deep expertise on how enterprises can benefit from maximizing the use of their infrastructure. In addition, a core member of the team tackling...

James Manyika

Chairman and Director, McKinsey Global Institute, and Senior Partner, San Francisco
Leads research on global economic and technology trends and serves many of the world's leading high tech companies on growth, innovation, and...

Jamie Cattell

Partner, Tokyo
Serves insurance companies on digitization, operations and technology

Jan-Christoph Köstring

Partner, Munich
Helps automotive clients to boost and transform their sales and marketing activities to achieve profitable, above-market growth

Jan Mischke

MGI Partner, Zurich
Leads MGI’s research on Europe as well as on investment, infrastructure and housing from a global standpoint

Jan Wüllenweber

Senior Partner, Cologne
Advises consumer and advanced industry clients on operations-related challenges, including IoT, procurement transformations, cost optimization,...

Jasper van Ouwerkerk

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Shapes large-scale capability transformation programs, including digitization. Leads McKinsey's work in service operations

Jay Jubas

Senior Partner, Stamford
Collaborates with incumbent providers and alliances on winning strategies, and pricing and operations improvements

Jean-Baptiste Coumau

Partner, Tokyo
Brings a passion for growth through marketing transformation, creative excellence, and innovation to clients in consumer goods, automotive, cosmetics,...

Jeff Jacobs

Partner, Chicago
Drives business growth through excellence in brand strategy and insights, customer experience and marketing efficiency

Jennifer Kilian

Digital Partner, New York
Combines creative vision with compelling design to drive innovation and reinvent how businesses engage with customers

Jenny Cordina

Partner, Detroit
Improves healthcare clients’ service to important customer segments by deepening their understanding of customer attitudes and behavior

Jens Riese

Senior Partner, Munich
A trusted adviser to governments, agencies, and foundations seeking to promote economic development and green growth in developing countries

Jeongmin Seong

Senior Fellow, Shanghai
Leads MGI teams based in China, working on global as well as China-focused research

Jesko Perrey

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps clients deliver above-market growth by transforming their marketing and sales capabilities. Leads our Marketing and Sales Practice globally

Joao Dias

Partner, Cologne
Works with banking and insurance companies to digitize customer journeys

Jocelyn Grahame

Partner, New Jersey
Applies her organizational expertise to help clients shift strategy, improve performance, build capabilities, and strengthen behavior

Joe Quoyeser

Senior Expert, Houston
Advises clients on upstream oil and gas strategy and operations; a petroleum industry consulting veteran, bringing deep experience in unconventionals,...

Joël Claret

Senior Partner, Geneva
Advises global corporations in the chemicals, basic materials, energy, life science, and pharmaceutical sectors on strategy, organization, marketing...

Johan Ahlberg

Senior Partner, Stockholm
Passionate about helping companies realize efficiencies by implementing sustainable business practices throughout the value cycle

John Dowdy

Senior Partner, London
Helps aerospace and defence organisations improve operations and identify growth opportunities, and works with defence forces to transform their...

John Lydon

Managing Partner, McKinsey Australia and New Zealand, Sydney
Leads McKinsey in Australia and New Zealand and is one of the global leaders of McKinsey Implementation

John Tiefel

Senior Partner, Zurich
Helps leading telecoms companies and retailers define their growth strategies, improve their sales and marketing, and transform their organizations

John Walsh

Partner, Financial Regulation Practice, Washington DC
Draws on his extensive expertise in the public sector and finance to advise clients on risk and regulatory strategy

John Warner

Senior Partner, Cleveland
John leads McKinsey’s work in energy and materials in the Americas, and our Global Chemicals and Agriculture Practice.

Jon Garcia

Senior Partner and President RTS, Washington DC
Founder of McKinsey’s RTS unit. Leads large-scale, high-profile transformations and turnarounds across industries and geographies

Jonathan Gordon

Partner, New York
Focuses on helping clients get the most from their marketing, with an emphasis on using analytics to maximize returns across all channels

Jonathan Harris

Senior Partner, London
Advises insurers and asset managers around the world on strategic issues, operational effectiveness, and organisational design

Jonathan K. Law

Partner, New York
Serves a range of public sector and philanthropic clients, with particular emphasis on economic development, innovative social finance, and organizational...

Jonathan Silver

Partner, New York
Helps companies drive performance through transformation of their support functions and global shared services

Jonathan Woetzel

MGI Director and Senior Partner, Shanghai
Leads research on China, Asia, and global economic and business trends. Helps cities and regions create sustainable growth and supports the transformation...

Jörg Schubert

Senior Partner, Dubai
Helps Middle Eastern governments create employment and economic growth, as well as improve public services and infrastructure

Jørgen Rugholm

Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Explores cross-border growth opportunities for food and beverage clients, helping to boost operational and organizational fitness

Jörn Küpper

Senior Partner, Cologne
Leads our Western European Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices, implementing winning strategies and supporting organizational structures...

Joseph Tesvic

Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads McKinsey’s Asia-Pacific Operations Practice, working across industries and helping clients achieve results through operational, organisational,...

Joydeep Sengupta

Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads the Asia–Pacific Banking Practice and works side by side with banking and insurance clients to transform their businesses

Jukka Maksimainen

Senior Partner, Astana
Leads our global work in mining and has global experience serving companies in the resource sector, sovereign wealth funds, and resource-rich...

Julie Avrane-Chopard

Senior Partner, Paris
Julie Avrane-Chopard leads our Advanced Industries practice (Advanced Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Assembly) in France.

Jürgen Meffert

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps leading companies across industries shape their strategy and digital transformation. Recognized thought leader and global leader of Digital...

Jürgen Schröder

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps clients improve performance by building capabilities in Customer Lifecycle Management

Karel Dörner

Senior Partner, Munich
Uses his extensive experience in digital transformation, digital marketing, multichannel technology, and e-commerce to help retail and consumer-goods...

Karel Eloot

Senior Partner, Shanghai
Focuses on broadly improving operations in industrial sectors, particularly for companies in China

Karl Kellner

Senior Partner, New York
Brings extensive experience in healthcare management, shapes strategy, and leads major performance-improvement initiatives for health plans and...

Kartik Jayaram

Senior Partner, Nairobi
Works to advance country and regional development and helps drive large-scale transformation in the public and private sectors

Kate Smaje

Senior Partner, London
Serves consumer-facing companies on the strategy, marketing, operational, and organizational initiatives that will enable the transformation...

Katy George

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Managing partner of McKinsey's Mid-Atlantic office. Provides leadership to global healthcare companies on supply chain, manufacturing, and quality-improvement...

Katya Défossez

Partner, Houston
Focuses on public sector IT work, particularly in IT strategy, application development, value assurance, and IT infrastructure

Kausik Rajgopal

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Managing Partner of our West Coast office. Advises financial institutions, payments companies, and public sector organizations on developing...

Kelly Ungerman

Partner, Dallas
Transforms sales and marketing organizations for retail and consumer packaged goods clients, finding the potential for long-term growth

Ken Somers

Partner, Brussels
Brings a wealth of operational expertise to help clients from manufacturing industries increase their yields and energy efficiency

Kevin Buehler

Senior Partner, New York
Co-founder of our global Risk Practice and leader of Risk Advanced Analytics. Advises leading financial institutions on their most challenging...

Kevin Carmody

Senior Partner, Chicago
Specializes in corporate restructurings and turnarounds; brings deep experience in financial and operational turnarounds, cash flow enhancement...

Kevin Dehoff

Senior Partner, Practice Leader, Americas, New York
Applies deep operational and strategy skills to help commercial aerospace clients and defense contractors transform their systems

Kevin Orbinski

Partner, Toronto
Partners with clients to develop and implement large-scale transformation programs that strengthen operational and management performance and...

Kevin J. Speicher

Senior Partner, Chicago
Works with clients on operations, performance transformation, strategy, business building, and organizational issues

Khoon Tee Tan

Partner, Jakarta
Leads McKinsey’s refining and petrochemicals work in Asia, and McKinsey Implementation in Southeast Asia; supports downstream petroleum companies...

Khush Nariman

Expert Partner, Houston
Helps clients in the energy, chemicals, and manufacturing industries as they address operational and organizational challenges, optimize their...

Klaus Behrenbeck

Senior Partner, Cologne
Helps retail- and consumer-facing clients achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence

Koen Vermeltfoort

Partner, Amsterdam
Advises oil and gas companies on capital projects, procurement, and strategy

Krish Krishnakanthan

Partner, New York
Generates significant improvements in clients’ application-development efforts through use of lean and other management techniques

Dr. Kurt Grote

Senior Partner, Seattle
Brings medical and organizational expertise to support transformational change in health systems and at public and private providers

Kurt Strovink

Senior Partner, New York
Leads the global Insurance Practice and serves life insurance, wealth management, and property and casualty insurance companies on strategy,...

Lareina Yee

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Advises high tech, media, and industrial companies on digital sales and marketing strategies to achieve above-market growth

Laura Bremme

Partner, Zurich
Advises senior executives in leading pharmaceutical and generics companies on strategic, commercial, and operational topics

Laura Corb

Senior Partner, New York
Leads our Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in the Americas and develops growth and go-to-market strategies for leading companies in the...

Dr. Laura Furstenthal

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Serves healthcare clients across Asia, Europe, and the United States, as well as not-for-profit organizations, governments, and Nobel laureates...

Li-Kai Chen

Partner, Kuala Lumpur
Brings public- and private-sector clients deep expertise in transformations, corporate finance, and regulatory management

Liz Hilton Segel

Senior Partner, New York
Drives revenue growth and profits for B2C businesses in media, telecommunications, financial services, travel, and leisure. Partners with major...

Lohini Moodley

Partner, Johannesburg
Works with business and government to unlock Africa’s telecommunications and technology potential; leads McKinsey’s initiative to...

Lutz Goedde

Senior Partner, Denver
Leads McKinsey’s work globally in agriculture

Manish Chopra

Senior Partner, New York
Serves public- and private-sector healthcare clients on strategy, pricing, mergers and acquisitions, operational improvement, and organizational...

Marc de Jong

Partner, Amsterdam
Leads McKinsey's Strategy & Trend Analysis Center; brings deep experience in research and development, growth strategy, and innovation, particularly...

Marc Singer

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Helps clients become deeply digital to drive rapid performance improvements and accelerate growth

Marcel Brinkman

Partner, London
Brings deep expertise in energy, private equity and sustainability and resource productivity to his work with energy companies, oilfield services...

Marco Piccitto

Senior Partner, Milan
Brings extensive expertise in credit risk to his work with financial institutions in Europe

Marco Ziegler

Senior Partner, Zurich
Serves companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, with a particular focus on petrochemicals, biotechnology and renewable materials,...

Maria João Ribeirinho

Partner, Lisbon, Madrid
Supports energy and infrastructure companies in multiple geographies on strategic and operational issues.

Mark Patel

Partner, San Francisco
Advises clients across sectors on IoT, analytics and digital. specific focus on industrial, high tech and semiconductor

Martha Laboissiere

Senior Expert, San Francisco
Works with public, private and social sector organizations to promote economic development and opportunity creation worldwide

Martin Dewhurst

Senior Partner, London
Brings 25 years of experience to helping companies shape and execute their globalization strategies

Martin Hirt

Senior Partner
Martin leads McKinsey's global Strategy Practice. He is one of McKinsey's most experienced client leaders on topics including strategy, growth,...

Martin Hjerpe

Partner, Stockholm
Supports public-sector and infrastructure clients globally. Serves clients across the entire value chain in road and rail infrastructure—from...

Martin Joerss

Senior Partner, Hamburg
A leading expert in the transportation and logistics industry, including shipping and ports. Brings insight to logistics service providers seeking...

Martin Lösch

Senior Partner, Stuttgart
Helps leading pharmaceutical companies define strategy and goals and improve performance by transforming processes

Martin Markus

Senior Partner, London
Heads our healthcare work in the United Kingdom and with European payors, working on strategy and health-system design

Martin Møller

Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Helps pharmaceutical and biotech clients identify strategic and operational opportunities for growth and innovation and supports them through...

Mary Meaney

Senior Partner, Paris
Leads McKinsey’s work in Organization across Europe and she is also one of the leading experts in Transformational Change

Masahiro Komatsubara

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Serves automotive, electronics, and other globally active companies in the manufacturing and travel and transportation sectors

Massimo Giordano

Managing Partner, Mediterranean office, Milan
Leads our Mediterranean office, advising major institutions and leading companies on a broad range of issues, with a particular focus on strategy,...

Matt Rogers

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Applies over two decades of experience in the energy sector to help companies deliver performance, grow, and innovate

Matthew Parsons

Partner, Philadelphia
A leader of our work on nuclear power and capital projects in the global energy industry

Matthew Smith

Partner, Washington DC
Advises major healthcare institutions on organizational effectiveness, change management, and commercial strategy

Matthias Evers

Senior Partner, Hamburg
Helps R&D organizations step up productivity through large-scale performance transformations, specific capability building, and novel approaches...

Maurizio Donato

Senior Partner, Milan
Advises European banks on credit risk, corporate strategy, and postmerger management

Max Falckenberg

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Offers advisory support to companies facing acute conditions, designing restructuring and refinancing approaches that effectively respond to...

Michael Bender

Senior Partner, Chicago
Is co-leader of McKinsey's global Digital Practice; helps leading companies across industries shape digital strategy, harness Big Data for business...

Michael Birshan

Senior Partner, London
Leads the UK and Ireland hubs for McKinsey's Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice and coleads the Corporate Strategy Service Line globally....

Michael Bloch

Senior Partner, Tel Aviv
Helps clients create high-impact sourcing strategies and leads our work on value assurance globally

Michael Chui

MGI Partner, San Francisco
Leads research on the impact of information technologies and innovation on business, the economy, and society

Michael Conway

Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Leads our global work in international development, public health, and biopharmaceuticals, helping leading organizations in public, social, and...

Michael Della Rocca

Partner, Philadelphia
Leads McKinsey’s global work on infrastructure major projects, supporting clients in all asset classes throughout the entire value chain—from...

Michael Gryseels

Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads McKinsey Digital Labs in Asia–Pacific and advises senior executives across the world on a wide range of issues related to digital strategy,...

Michael Park

Senior Partner, New York
Helps advanced industrial and energy clients develop portfolio, M&A, and divestiture strategies to create value and strengthen competitiveness

Michael Silber

Senior Partner, New York
Helps global pharmaceutical and medical-products companies develop growth strategies and drive organizational and operational improvement

Michael Steinmann

Partner, Zurich
Focuses on helping organizations connect their R&D and commercial operations to achieve excellence in product development and innovation-driven...

Michael Viertler

Senior Partner, Munich
Helps clients achieve above-market growth by managing sales and developing go-to-market strategies

Michael Ellis

Senior Partner, Sydney
Brings 20 years’ resources experience to his work with leading energy and mining clients in Australia, Asia, and the United States

Mihir Mysore

Partner, Houston
An experienced crisis practitioner working across sectors and regions; helps leaders of large organizations resolve and prevent crises—including...

Mike Juden

Senior Expert, Houston
A leading authority on natural gas markets with more than 20 years’ experience advising clients across the value chain

Mona Mourshed

Partner, Washington DC
Leads the firm's social responsibility agenda as well as Generation and McKinsey.org—nonprofits founded by McKinsey

Namit Sharma

Partner, Amsterdam
Brings extensive experience in serving oil and gas companies around the world, with particular focus on strategy and capital project delivery;...

Nathan Marston

Partner, London
Leader of our UK Innovation Practice, bringing deep expertise on the design, governance, and measurement of organization-wide innovation processes...

Naveen Unni

Partner, Perth
Passionate about improving organisational performance and supporting leadership development

Navjot Singh

Managing Partner, Boston
Drives innovation at the intersection of science, engineering, medicine, business, and government. Combines expertise in strategy, operations,...

Nick Malik

Senior Partner, New York
Supports leading financial institutions on strategy, sales and distribution, risk management, and operations effectiveness. Brings deep expertise...

Nick Santhanam

Senior Partner, Americas Practice Leader, Silicon Valley
Specializes in helping high-tech, semiconductor, industrial, and private-equity clients tackle operational and strategic challenges

Nick van Dam

Global Chief Learning Officer, Amsterdam
Offers expertise in effective corporate learning and successful leadership development, helping to determine how individuals reach their greatest...

Nicklas Garemo

Senior Partner, Abu Dhabi
Uses his expertise in infrastructure and operations to advise clients on strategy, organization, and operational effectiveness; specializes in...

Nicolas Denis

Partner, Brussels
Advises government institutions on sustainable economic development and serves leading companies in agribusiness, fisheries, forestry, and biotech

Nicolas Maechler

Partner, Paris
Global leader of our work in customer experience, and leads our Marketing & Sales Practice in France

Nicolaus Henke

Senior Partner, London
Advises major organizations on how to improve decision making and performance through advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and end-to-end...

Nils Kuhlwein von Rathenow

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Offers wide-ranging advisory support to companies in crisis, both pre- and post-insolvency; has deep expertise in implementation and refinancing...

Nimal Manuel

Senior Partner, Kuala Lumpur
Leads McKinsey’s Analytics in Asia, serving telecommunications and public-sector clients on strategy, sales and marketing, and digital transformation

Noshir Kaka

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Coleads our global Analytics Practice; founded our Outsourcing and Offshoring Practice in India.

Nuno Catarino

Senior Partner, Lisbon, Luanda
Helps leaders of the banking, telecom, media, cement, and pulp and paper industries improve their operations and customer-care processes. Leads...

Occo Roelofsen

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Brings clients deep specialist expertise in oil and gas and leads our work on strategy and capital projects in the sector

Olivier Leclerc

Senior Partner, Southern California
Serves a large range of pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical-products clients, from multibillion-dollar corporations to pre-IPO start-ups, on...

Oskar Lingqvist

Senior Partner, Stockholm
Supports participants in the Forest Products sector around the globe, helping refine and execute strategic initiatives, and improve operations

Otto van der Molen

Partner, PAX, Amsterdam
Helps oil and gas clients achieve high-impact performance transformations in operations excellence, lean, capability building, facility reliability,...

Otto Waterlander

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Serves clients in the oil and gas, utilities, and chemicals sectors on issues relating to strategy development, business transformation, mergers...

Pal Erik Sjatil

Senior Partner, Moscow
Provides strategy support for local market leaders and multinational companies, with a focus on the telecommunications and high-tech sectors

Parker Meeks

Partner, Houston
Helps clients maximize their cost, schedule, and quality performance in oil & gas capital projects and other capital-intensive industries

Pat Graham

Partner, London
Advises international and national oil companies, oilfield services and equipment companies, and private-equity firms, with a focus on strategy...

Patrick Lahaie

Senior Partner, Montréal
Advises leading companies in a range of industries on holistic performance transformations and complex turnarounds

Paul Gao

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Serves automotive and assembly companies in Asia; specializes in advising companies on alliances and transactions

Paul Jenkins

Senior Partner, Oslo
An expert in digital across industries, with deep knowledge in banking and insurance; helps clients develop new digital ventures, grow existing...

Paul Kolter

Partner, Houston
Advises energy clients, particularly in the electric utility and power generation sectors, including fossil, nuclear and wind power.

Paul McInerney

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Brings deep customer insight and marketing and sales experience to consumer businesses such as retailers, packaged goods and media companies,...

Paul Roche

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Leads McKinsey’s global Software Practice, advising online and IT services companies on go-to-market, performance-improvement, and M&A strategy

Paul Sheng

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Advises senior executives of leading national and international oil companies, exploration and production companies, private-equity firms, and...

Paul Willmott

Senior Partner, London
Excited by the potential of digital technology to transform organizations and improve performance. Helps executives identify and capture the...

Pedro Rodeia

Senior Partner, London
Co-leads the Global Banking Practice. Works with financial institutions on a wide range of strategy, digital and organization issues.

Penny Dash

Senior Partner, London
Works with senior management, chief executives, and leading clinicians to help redesign healthcare systems for improved clinical outcomes, efficiency,...

Peter Berg

Director of Knowledge, Stockholm
Brings nearly two decades of industry experience to support clients and McKinsey project teams serving the Forest Products sector

Peter Breuer

Senior Partner, Cologne
Leads our work with retail and consumer goods companies in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. Leverages deep expertise...

Peter Dahlstrom

Senior Partner, London
Globally leads McKinsey's Client and Firm Communications, and is a leader of Digital McKinsey for B2C sectors, serving leading institutions,...

Peter de Wit

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Leads McKinsey’s Northern European offices, deeply committed to developing leaders in client organizations, within McKinsey, and in the broader...

Peter Kenevan

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Combines expertise in corporate finance, strategy, and operations in the industrial and technology sectors with hands-on executive experience...

Peter Peters

Partner, Frankfurt
Helps clients maximize the impact of technology, particularly in technology-enabled operations, sourcing, and enterprise architecture

Philip E. Bruno

Partner, New York
Works with financial services, nonfinancial and technology companies to develop and implement payments strategies, products, and infrastructure

Philipp Härle

Senior Partner, Munich
Trusted by banks, exchanges, and governments worldwide for his deep expertise in bank strategy, regulatory affairs, risk management and capital...

Philipp Radtke

Senior Partner, Munich
Advises automotive manufacturers and suppliers, construction equipment makers, and other industrial producers as they improve global operations,...

Pooneh Baghai

Senior Partner, New York
Works with global asset and wealth managers, banks, and insurers on strategic and operational challenges and organizational opportunities

Pradip K. Patiath

Senior Partner, Chicago
Pradip is a senior leader of McKinsey’s Digital Financial Services Practice and co-leads our work in consumer and small-business banking in North...

Rajat Dhawan

Senior Partner, Asia Practice Leader, Gurugram
Serves clients in the advanced industries sectors (automotive; electronics; aerospace and defence) in Asia-Pacific, focusing on promoting strategy...

Rajat Gupta

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Leads McKinsey’s Energy and Materials Practice in Asia. Helps companies in emerging markets transform their performance, achieve breakout growth,...

Rajesh Parekh

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Works with firms across the healthcare industry to expand their business, with a particular focus on entering and understanding new markets in...

Ramesh Mangaleswaran

Senior Partner, Chennai
Works with leading companies and associations to develop India’s manufacturing sector, shape strategies for growth, make the best infrastructure...

Raphael Buck

Partner, Zurich
Supports consumer goods and retail companies with strategy, organization, and marketing and sales

Raphael Pustkowski

Senior Implementation Leader, Sydney
Draws on more than 20 years of global experience in senior line management and consulting to ensure successful implementation of change—and bottom-line...

Renny Thomas

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Supports the rapid growth of Asia's financial services sector, helping build new institutions from scratch, boost small and medium enterprises'...

Richard Benson-Armer

Senior Partner, Stamford
Brings firsthand strategic business expertise, boardroom experience, and financial savvy to drive sustained business improvements for clients...

Richard Dobbs

Senior Partner, London
Leads research on global economic trends and serves clients around the world in a variety of industries, ranging from high tech and financial...

Richard Elder

Senior Partner, Washington DC
Uses his extensive private- and public-sector experience to help global industrial and aerospace and defense organizations develop new strategies...

Richard Hudson

Senior Partner, London
Brings over 17 years of experience in board, operational, restructuring, and advisory roles

Richard Lee

Senior Partner, Seoul
Works with leading technology, media, telecommunications, and private-equity clients to enable digital transformations that capture value

Rishi Bhandari

Senior Expert, Chicago
Works with clients to improve returns on marketing investments, including digital and social media, through advanced analytics and econometrics

Rob Bland

Partner, San Francisco
Leads McKinsey’s work in crisis response. Helps clients across sectors bring major crises under rapid control, identify and prevent potential...

Robert Palter

Senior Partner, Toronto
Specializes in helping clients identify infrastructure investment opportunities and strategically manage infrastructure assets.

Robert Uhlaner

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Helps clients in major organizations with large-scale corporate-finance and M&A transformational efforts

Roberto Fantoni

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Leads the Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Latin America, serving some of the largest industry leaders and a few major family-owned...

Roberto Uchoa

Partner, Chicago
Advises global agricultural and food companies on supply chain optimization, expansion into new markets, strategic planning, and organizational...

Robin Nuttall

Partner, London
Leads our work in Regulatory and Government Affairs, serving both regulators and regulated clients on strategy and organizational issues across...

Rodney W. Zemmel

Senior Partner, New York
Managing partner of McKinsey's US Northeast offices. Works globally across industries with a concentration in healthcare to help shape strategy,...

Roger Rudisuli

Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises leading banks, broker-dealers, capital markets infrastructure providers, and asset managers on their core strategic, risk-management,...

Rohit Razdan

Senior Partner, Singapore
Advises consumer and retail clients on a broad range of issues related to growth strategy, market entry, product innovation, digital transformation,...

Roland John

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Brings deep understanding of customer economics to effective go-to-market strategies

Ruth De Backer

Partner, New Jersey
Advises executives on challenges at the intersection of healthcare and finance; helps pharmaceutical and medical-product companies balance their...

Sacha Ghai

Senior Partner, Toronto
Leads our office in Toronto and brings extensive experience serving institutional investors across a wide range of issues, with deep expertise...

Sajal Kohli

Senior Partner, Chicago
Leads the Retail Practice in the Americas guiding digital, omnichannel, and operational transformation for retailers globally

Sandrine Devillard

Senior Partner, Montréal
Leads McKinsey's European consumer and retail sectors with a focus on consumer goods, apparel, fashion and luxury, and commercial real-estate...

Sangeeth Ram

Partner, Dubai
Supports clients in real-estate investment, development, construction, and management.

Sanjay Kalavar

Senior Partner, Houston
Helps energy investors and operators evaluate assets, then improve operations, manage risks, and exit

Satty Bhens

Digital Partner, New York
A leader of Digital Labs, helps clients implement technology practices that accelerate how the business delivers value

Saum Sutaria

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Guides large-scale performance transformations to help improve healthcare delivery systems

Scott Keller

Senior Partner, Southern California
Counsels Fortune 100 leadership teams on enterprise-level transformation, culture-change programs, top-team performance, and CEO effectiveness

Scott Nyquist

Senior Partner, Houston
Advises MGI on research related to natural resources, clean technologies, and U.S. economic growth

Scott Rutherford

Senior Partner, Washington DC
Helps defense and security agencies, financial institutions, and executives in a range of sectors tackle strategic, organizational, and operational...

Sean O'Connell

Partner, New York
Helps international healthcare systems, branded generics in pharmaceuticals, strategy, and corporate finance.

Sébastien Léger

Partner, Paris
Specializes in the long-term evolution of the energy markets and technologies. He leads the firm's Sustainability & Resource Productivity Practice...

Seelan Singham

Senior Partner, Kuala Lumpur
Uses his expertise in government and transformations to drive large-scale transformation programs in developing nations

Seth Goldstrom

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Applies turnaround and restructuring expertise to help companies in a range of industries

Shirish Sankhe

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Advises research on urbanization and economic growth, particularly in India and Southeast Asia

Shubham Singhal

Senior Partner, Detroit
As leader of McKinsey’s global Healthcare Systems & Services Practice, counsels payors and other healthcare organizations on corporate strategy,...

Sigurd Mareels

Senior Partner, Brussels
Brings 25 years of experience in strategy, operations, organization, and M&A to his basic-materials clients

Simon Blackburn

Senior Partner, Sydney
Helps public- and private-sector clients achieve lasting improvements in their performance, with a focus on implementing transformational change...

Soenke Lehmitz

Senior Partner, Stamford
Uses his expertise in B2B marketing and sales to support clients across the chemicals industry

Somesh Khanna

Senior Partner, New York
Somesh leads high impact digital transformation, innovation and performance improvement engagements with financial services clients. He is the...

Søren Fritzen

Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Helps global consumer clients achieve strategic and operational excellence

Sree Ramaswamy

MGI Partner, Washington DC
Leads research on digitization, competition, and the impact of multinational companies on the global economy

Stacey Haas

Partner, Detroit
Works with consumer companies on driving growth through portfolio strategy and innovation

Stefan Helmcke

Senior Partner, Vienna
Deep expertise across the entire energy and utility space, including oil and gas upstream, power generation and distribution, and water and waste.

Stefan Knupfer

Senior Partner, Stamford
Draws on 25 years experience working with leading-edge manufacturers to help clients develop successful strategies and achieve operational excellence

Stefano Napoletano

Senior Partner, Milan
Advises clients on capital projects & infrastructure investments and assets and supports companies on transformational change.

Steffen Hehner

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Leverages background in immunology and long-standing experience in serving health systems and biopharma companies to help clients achieve substantial...

Stephan Binder

Senior Partner, Zurich
Leverages deep knowledge of the global insurance industry to advise executives on strategy, distribution, and operations

Stephan Görner

Senior Partner, Sydney
Supports leading global players in the mining, steel, and power industries in operations improvement, supply-chain management, strategy, organizational...

Степан Солженицын

Старший партнер, Москва
Возглавляет работу McKinsey в электро- и теплоэнергетике в России и СНГ, а также направление по работе с органами государственного управления,...

Stephen Hall

Senior Partner, London
Brings more than 25 years of experience in the energy and mining sectors to his work counselling clients on strategy and performance challenges

Steve Noble

Partner, Minneapolis
With a focus on driving broad-based performance transformation for retailers, brings hands-on private-equity experience to identify and unlock...

Steve Reis

Partner, Atlanta
Helps clients grow above the market through advanced analytics, building capabilities, and transforming organizations

Steve Van Kuiken

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Brings technology solutions to help healthcare companies transform operational performance and increase market responsiveness

Stewart Goodman

Partner, Johannesburg
Provides counsel in corporate strategies across sectors, with deep expertise in mining and commodities

Stuart Shilson

Senior Partner, London
Combines strategy expertise with government experience to support the senior leaders of a wide range of infrastructure-related organisations

Subbu Narayanswamy

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Supports infrastructure rollout and real estate and city development across India, Asia, and the Middle East—supporting the growth of leading...

Sunil Sanghvi

Senior Partner, Chicago
Serves private, public, and social sector clients to advance economic development and transform agricultural and chemical systems

Suraj Moraje

Senior Partner, Manila
Manages our Manila office, where he helps private- and public-sector institutions develop into local and global champions, and is a leader in...

Susan Lund

MGI Partner, Washington DC
Leads research on global financial markets, trade, labor markets, and the macroeconomic outlook

Sven Heiligtag

Senior Partner, Hamburg
Sven leads McKinsey´s global energy and materials work in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. He is also responsible for our strategy, corporate...

Sven Smit

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Leads the development of knowledge for McKinsey's Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice and works with many leading companies to develop growth...

Tanguy Catlin

Senior Partner, Boston
Works with major financial institutions, and leads McKinsey’s Digital Quotient initiative—helping companies rapidly gauge and strengthen their...

Theo Pepanides

Senior Partner, Athens
Helps financial institutions, public-sector entities, and telecommunications operators improve efficiency and effectiveness and better manage...

Thierry Elmalem

Partner, London
With a focus on retail strategy, helps clients achieve sustainable growth and value creation across formats

Thomas Baumgartner

Senior Partner, Global Practice Co-Convener, Vienna
Coleads our work in Advanced Industries on a global basis, leads our Advanced Industries work in Europe, and heads up our work in the Advanced...

Thomas Hundertmark

Senior Partner, Houston
Advises executives in the energy, chemicals, and agribusiness sectors as they set strategic direction and drive better performance through operational...

Thomas Vahlenkamp

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Advises clients on corporate strategy, organization, operational transformation, energy trading, risk management, and capital-expenditure optimization

Thomas Weskamp

Senior Partner, Cologne
Leads our work in Specialty Chemicals; provides expertise on strategy, portfolio assessment, functional excellence, M&A, and innovation

Tim Fitzgibbon

Senior Expert, Houston
Serves petroleum clients around the world, drawing on deep specialist expertise on topics related to refining strategy and petroleum market economics;...

Tim Koller

Partner, New York
Combines broad cross-sector experience with decades of service to clients in value creation, corporate strategy, capital-markets issues, and...

Tip Huizenga

Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads clients through comprehensive restructuring and transformation programs, drawing on substantial expertise in oil and gas, metals and mining...

Tobias Baer

Partner, Taipei
Pioneers new approaches to credit-risk analytics; helps the world’s leading financial institutions improve the models, tools, and processes they...

Tom Dohrmann

Senior Partner, Washington DC
Leads our work with tax authorities and public-finance agencies, as well as our research on public-sector productivity and fiscal management

Tom French

Senior Partner, Boston
Serves a range of consumer and industrial clients, with particular emphasis on marketing strategy and organizational design

Tom Latkovic

Senior Partner, Cleveland
Helps to improve the performance of healthcare institutions by supporting stronger organizations and more effective strategies

Tomás Calleja

Senior Partner, Madrid
Helps clients in service industries transform their operations making them more customer-driven and efficient

Tomas Koch

Senior Partner, Bangkok
Leads McKinsey New Ventures in Asia and serves the leading oil, gas, and chemicals companies across the region on sustainable growth and operational...

Tomas Nauclér

Senior Partner, Stockholm
Helps companies and governments develop strategies grounded on a fact-based understanding of the potential impact of climate change

Travis Fagan

Senior Partner, Dallas
Works with clients on operations performance transformation, strategy, business building, and organization issues

Tunde Olanrewaju

Senior Partner, London
Advises leading wholesale- and retail-banking clients on issues of strategy, organization, operations, and technology

Tyler Duvall

Partner, Washington DC
Advises clients in Capital Projects & Infrastructure, Transportation, and Public Sector Practices on strategy and operations

Udo Kopka

Senior Partner, Hamburg
Helps global consumer-goods and retail clients with growth strategy, organization, and operations transformations

Ulrich Weihe

Partner, Frankfurt
Provides guidance on growth, innovation, R&D, and mergers and acquisitions at specialty chemical and biotech companies worldwide

Uwe Stegemann

Senior Partner, Cologne
Supports financial and industrial institutions around the world on all aspects of compliance and enterprise risk management

Vijay D'Silva

Senior Partner, New York
Supports banks, payments players and other financial institutions on issues such as corporate strategy, risk management, technology and operations

Vijay Gosula

Senior Partner, Salvador
With expertise in Brazilian markets, including infrastructure, banking, and retail, he advises clients on improving operational efficiency, sales...

Vik Sohoni

Senior Partner, Chicago
Helps major banking clients to transform their businesses by building up and scaling their digital capabilities and developing agile operations...

Vikas Bhadoria

Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads the Pharmaceutical and Medical Products (PMP) Practice for India and the PMP Operations Practice in Asia. Has deep expertise in helping...

Vikash Daga

Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads McKinsey's Marketing & Sales Practice in India. Brings deep expertise in marketing & sales transformations, digital and growth acceleration...

Viktor Hediger

Senior Partner, Dubai
Serves a variety of healthcare clients, including public and private payors, with a focus on establishing healthcare payors and healthy systems...

Vivek Pandit

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Serves the world’s leading investors and shareholders on investment strategy, operations, origination, transformations, and exits, and advises...

Vivian Hunt DBE

Managing Partner, UK and Ireland, London
Leads our offices in the United Kingdom and Ireland; advises leading companies on a broad range of strategic topics, with a particular focus...

Vivian Riefberg

Senior Partner, Washington DC
Draws on her expertise in government and healthcare to help state and federal agencies and private-sector enterprises achieve strategic, operational,...

Walter Baker

Partner, Atlanta
Enables clients to capture substantial and sustainable bottom-line improvement through better pricing and commercial productivity

Wesley Walden

Senior Partner, Melbourne
Leads RTS in Asia and advises clients on radical performance transformation, distressed turnaround and corporate restructuring across a range...

Yael Taqqu

Senior Partner, New York
Leader in digital media and marketing, as well as product strategy, conceptualization, and commercialization

Яков Сергиенко

Партнер, Москва
Руководит направлением организационного развития компаний в СНГ и группой реализации agile-проектов в регионе ЕЕМА (Восточная Европа, СНГ, Турция,...

Yasir Mirza

Partner, Sydney
Combines organisational and commercial experience to improve companies' sales and marketing processes and impact

Ермолай Солженицын

Старший партнер, Москва
Возглавляет направление работы McKinsey в горно-металлургической отрасли в регионе ЕМЕА (Европа, СНГ, Ближний Восток и Африка). Специализируется...

Yoshi Takanuki

Senior Partner, London
Helps manufacturing companies shape their strategy and transform their operating model, applying operations expertise to unleash their performance

Yran Bartolumeu Dias

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Advises retail and digital banks, financial services, and credit card companies on developing and executing digital strategies and on effecting...

Zubin Taraporevala

Senior Partner, London
Serves financial institutions globally on strategy, productivity improvement, and digital and analytics transformations

Аветик Чалабян

Старший партнер, Москва
Возглавляет направление работы McKinsey в металлургической и горнодобывающей промышленности в мировом масштабе, а также направления работы в...

Eric Hazan

Senior Partner, Paris
Coleads the Marketing & Sales Practice in Western Europe and brings extensive knowledge of strategic marketing, as well as digital transformations...