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Purujeet Vikram Dastidar

Director of Client CapabilitiesRiyadh

Leads the Saudi and Riyadh Client Capabilities Hubs, driving innovation through asset based consulting, business research, and client capability building across the region.

Purujeet has been with McKinsey for more than ten years. Since assuming leadership for the firm’s client-capabilities expertise across Saudi Arabia in 2017, he has helped engineer a fourfold growth in the number of such experts in the Riyadh Client Capabilities Hub. In the process, he systematically created new service capabilities and boosted the hub’s areas of impact by hiring talented new specialists. With the support and collaboration of those colleagues, he also pioneered the development and institutionalization of numerous capabilities in knowledge and research.

Over the years, he played a pivotal role in transforming the Riyadh Client Capabilities Hub by driving a multiyear transformation program updating the talent model and fostering an innovative culture. He is especially proud to have helped diversify the service portfolio from only business research to asset-based consulting and client-capability building.

Purujeet is a geographic entrepreneur, having spent time in three continents and four countries (India, Costa Rica, Poland, and Saudi Arabia) in the last few years. He is very passionate about topics related to economic development, with a specific focus on sectoral growth to facilitate economic progress. He is also invested in capability building, including assessing organizations’ capability gaps to help them unlock their next generation of leaders, and aiding large-scale transformations.


University of Mumbai
BS, finance and management accounting