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Peter Lambert


Advises Asia’s leading energy companies on designing strategy and operations to create and deliver long-term value

Based in our Sydney office, Peter leads the firm’s Oil & Gas Practice in Australia and our work with gas in Asia−Pacific. In 25 years with McKinsey, he has supported many of the world’s leading energy companies with challenges involving strategy, energy markets, and business performance.

Peter’s recent client projects include the following:

  • modeling and testing global gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) demand under 2.0° and 1.5°-degree pathway scenarios while identifying the implications for the client’s gas portfolio and medium-term strategy
  • supporting an Asian fuel retailer to define its medium-term strategy for a major oil refinery
  • advising a Southeast Asian government on energy market reforms, including modeling gas-market fundamentals, developing alternative-market mechanisms, and advising on the preferred market model
  • helping an upstream-gas producer redesign its operating model and organization, resulting in projected annual savings of more than $400 million AUD
  • developing options for an Asian buyer to manage its financial exposure to LNG markets, reduce its contractual commitments, and increase its ability to market excess volumes.

Before joining McKinsey, Peter worked as an economist at the UK regulator OFGAS. He holds a BA in economics from Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin.


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Senior economic assistant


Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin
BA, economics