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Paula Ramos

Partner, New Jersey
Offers strategic guidance to consumer executives looking for new sources of growth and stronger commercial performance

About Paula

Paula advises companies across the consumer and consumer health sectors. Drawing on extensive experience in Latin America and the United States, she has guided initiatives to enter new markets, accelerate growth, optimize business portfolios, set commercial strategies, and make sales forces more effective. Paula leads our work in consumer health globally.

As a strategic adviser, Paula also supports economically significant family-owned businesses. She partners with the owners of large, complex corporate entities looking for guidance on questions of governance, organizational structure, and leadership development.

Examples of Paula’s recent client work include the following:

  • leading the creation of a direct-to-consumer/e-commerce strategy for a large consumer-health player
  • leading the growth transformation at a major global food player
  • leading a large-scale commercial-performance transformation at a major US player
  • developing a new organization focused on agility-led growth for a biotechnology company

Paula, a close observer of dynamic emerging economies, has published multiple articles on growth in the Brazilian market. She is also passionate about women’s topics and diversity, playing pivotal roles in McKinsey’s diversity and inclusion program. Paula joined McKinsey in 2003 as an analyst. She is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Published work

Racial equity in financial services,” McKinsey & Company, September 2020

Reseeding growth in the Garden State,” McKinsey & Company, July 2017

Maintaining momentum in Brazil's pharmaceutical market,” McKinsey & Company, April 2015

“Winning in the emerging middle class: Findings from Brazil,” Unlocking Pharma Growth: Navigating the intricacies of emerging markets, McKinsey & Company, 2012


Harvard Business School

McGill University