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Paul Willmott

Senior Partner, London
Excited by the potential of digital technology to transform organizations and improve performance. Helps executives identify and capture the full value from digital.

About Paul

Paul leads McKinsey Digital globally. He works with senior executives on topics including digital strategy and organization, process automation, and customer-experience design. In 2013, Paul led a major McKinsey research project on the economic impact of digitization. The project identified 70 distinct levers for digital value creation and destruction across sectors.

Recent examples of Paul's client work include the following:

  • Worked with a leading universal bank to develop a comprehensive digital strategy. Developed detailed perspectives on the economic impact of digital along the value chain in each division of the bank. Helped top management reset digital aspirations, budgets, and investment plans accordingly.
  • Helped shape an automation strategy for a leading logistics company. Worked with the executive team to redesign the customer experience, upgrade digital channels to improve service levels, and increase productivity.
  • Combined lean and agile techniques to automate a retail bank’s customer onboarding and mortgage-lending processes—all within 4 months. Redesigned processes using a “clean-sheet” approach, iterated working prototypes, then built and deployed production versions.

Paul is a frequent author, thought leader, and blogger, and can be found on Twitter.

Prior to joining McKinsey, he worked as an IT architect and project manager at Accenture.


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Past experience

IT architect and project manager


Imperial College London
BSc, physics