About Pascal

Pascal brings in-depth expertise in telecom and high-tech, where he serves a variety of clients across Europe and Africa.

Many of Pascal’s projects with the firm have supported clients in developing their digital strategies. Part of this work—covering all current customer touch points, processes, and business systems—involves the end-to-end digital transformation of these companies’ operating models.

Additionally, one of Pascal's main passions is the development of new digital endeavors outside the core competencies of our clients. In this capacity, he works with companies, across many industries, eager to turbocharge their innovation efforts and growth through such ventures; represents McKinsey on the investment committee of the Venture Incubator VC fund; and leads Digital McKinsey in Switzerland.

Before joining McKinsey, Pascal worked as a software engineer and a math teacher. He has lived and studied in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the United States. A native German speaker, Pascal is fluent in English and also speaks French.


ETH Zurich
Dr Sc Tech, natural sciences

ETH Zurich
Master's, advanced studies in management, technology, and economics

ETH Zurich
Master's, electrical engineering