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Oliver Bossert


Serves clients across industries to develop enterprise architecture and create digital technology platforms that support sustainable digital and technology transformations

Oliver has extensive expertise in enterprise architecture, digital technology platforms, and omnichannel strategy.

For more than ten years, Oliver has specialized in large-scale transformations of enterprise architecture in a variety of customer-facing industries, such as retail, insurance, and financial services. He supports clients in establishing the function of enterprise-architecture management and in executing transformation of architecture, including the application landscape.

More recently, Oliver has focused on transformations of companies toward using platform-based architectures that allow them to build and scale digital innovation at reasonable cost beyond the pilot stage, such as by design and implementation of digital technology platforms. He also leads McKinsey’s Digital Architecture Center.

Besides serving clients, Oliver leads McKinsey’s knowledge-development work and research collaborations on enterprise architecture. In this role, he is in constant contact with vendors, start-ups, academia, and other third parties to enhance and extend the firm’s knowledge base continuously. For example, Oliver leads the Enterprise Architecture Survey, a collaboration between McKinsey and the Henley Business School.

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Goethe University Frankfurt
PhD, bioinformatics