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Nick Bertram

Senior Principal Product Manager, Lyon
Helps industries build analytics toolkits to enable rapid deployment, scaling, and sustaining of AI and machine learning use cases; works with organizations on asset strategies to identify, prioritize, and build use cases

About Nick

Nick is a senior product manager who helps lead the development of innovative reusable assets for organizations across a range industries and functions. He helps companies speed up the process of driving impact from individual machine learning use cases, scale those use cases to other parts of the organization and sustain impact for the long term.

As such, he works to develop sustainable machine learning models that can be adopted quickly and deployed by functional teams in multiple areas.

Based in the firm’s Lyon office, Nick leads a global team of asset builders within the development labs in QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey, which operates as a center of learning for AI, and includes a team of product managers, software engineers, machine learning engineers, and designers.


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ARUP Laboratories
Senior structural engineer


Imperial College London
MEng, civil and structural engineering