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Michael Kiermaier

Partner, Seattle
Brings extensive knowledge on go-to-market, pricing, and subscription transformations to help software and technology organizations achieve growth, commercial excellence, and the transition to recurring-revenue business models

About Michael

Michael is an expert on pricing, subscription business models, and recurring-revenue transformations and leads McKinsey’s work in these areas for software and technology companies. He helps technology organizations around the globe on issues such as commercial excellence, go-to-market strategy, business-model transitions, strategic pricing, and discount management.

Michael has helped numerous software companies with their end-to-end business model transition to recurring-revenue and as-a-service models. He has worked with organizations throughout the telecommunications and network-technology value chains—both terrestrial and satellite based—on strategy, market entry, and go-to-market transformations. Most recently, Michael’s work includes leading growth and commercial transformations for large- and midsized software companies, working with telecommunications organizations on their growth strategies and network optimizations; and leading pricing transformations for hardware, software, and services companies.

Published Work

Advanced analytics in software pricing: Enabling sales to price with confidence,” McKinsey & Company, June 2018

Subscription myth busters: What it takes to shift to a recurring-revenue model for hardware and software,” McKinsey & Company, December 2017


Princeton University
Postdoctoral research associate, theoretical particle physics and string theory