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Mette Gade

Partner, Copenhagen
Serves clients in the financial and pharmaceuticals sectors on large-scale digital and agile transformations with a focus on navigating heavily regulated environments effectively

About Mette

Mette is an experienced leader in digital acceleration and agile execution of major transformation programs in heavily regulated industries. Through the Digital McKinsey Practice, she serves large incumbents primarily within banking and pharmaceuticals, but also in the travel, transport, and logistics sectors. In addition to leading and advising on large transformational journeys, Mette has hands-on operational experience from multiple “seconded” roles through her time at the firm.

Recent examples of her client work include the following:

  • coleading the agile execution of a groupwide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) program for a major financial institution to improve upon how data privacy is tackled in a cost- and compliance-effective way, implementing a new operational setup, including new processes, digital solutions, and capabilities
  • kick-starting a digital transformation by building, operating, and transferring a digital unit, which included the recruiting and onboarding of 40 top digital hires and vendors, building and launching multiple digital products (for customers and operations), and broad culture change in the organization (20,000-plus full-time equivalents)
  • leading a rapid digitization effort with agile delivery for a multichannel application for customers and banking advisors in a major financial institution, building a start-up with business and technology resources, delivering the first minimum viable product in 16 weeks, and reaching a 95 percent penetration rate after 29 weeks, with a transformed customer experience and a 50 to 75 percent time savings for the front line

Prior to McKinsey, Mette worked for 2 years in operational lean implementation in a global medical-technology company.