About Matt

Matt has spent 25 years serving energy clients globally and currently focuses on the roles technology and innovation play in restructuring markets in the energy and industrial sectors. He leads McKinsey's Oil & Gas Practice in the Americas, and holds a key leadership position in the Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice for the region. He spearheaded and is the global leader of the firm’s clean technologies work within the Sustainability Practice.

He has written extensively on the oil, gas, power, and resource markets and served as senior advisor to the US Secretary of Energy in 2009–10. In that role, he was responsible for managing the Department of Energy’s Recovery Act appropriations, which funded more than 5,000 innovation projects in energy efficiency, advanced transportation, renewable energy, transmission and distribution infrastructure, carbon capture and sequestration, environmental clean-up, and basic and applied science.

Matt’s most recent client work involves helping energy clients around the world improve front-line productivity, reduce operational risk, and develop projects to take advantage of rapid energy technology advances, from unconventional oil and gas to batteries and solar.

Published work

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Past experience

Credit Suisse First Boston
Energy investment banking analyst


Yale University's School of Management

Princeton University